Tue June 19

[Nine/4:00pm] Lockie Leonard. Premiere. Lockie Leonard and his family arrive in their new town Angelus. Lockie meets and get to know the locals including Egg a weird kid from the bogan tribe and also Vicki Streeton, the first girl he’s ever met who causes him to forget how to speak. If it weren’t for the great waves in Angelus, life would be looking pretty scary. Stars Rhys Muldoon and Sean Keenan.
[Nine/7:30pm] Crime and Justice.
[Nine/8:30pm] CSI NY. “Silent Night.” Guest; Marlee Maitlin

[ABC/8:00pm] Chant of the Scrub Turkey. In the green hills of South East Queensland, there’s a Buddhist commune called Frogs Hollow. Curled amidst lush rainforest, peaceful streams and abundant wildlife, it seems tranquil enough. But all is not bliss in this idyllic setting. Two years ago, a guest at Frogs Hollow accidentally killed a scrub turkey. This was not only illegal but very foolish. The small and reasonably well-behaved population of turkeys retaliated. Their numbers grew, their behaviour became aggressive and their intention became clear – to make life a misery for every two-legged mammal they could find. They invaded the community’s homes and trashed their much-loved and slaved-over veggie patches. The community, inspired by their Buddhist teachings, are now responding with their own plans for karmic redemption – good thoughts, mirrors, loud music and decoy gardens. It’s animals versus people, nature versus civilisation, Darwin versus Buddha – and so far, the turkeys are winning. Formed 27 years ago, Frogs Hollow comprises seven houses nestled in the 247 acres of prime real estate 10 minutes from the main street of Maleny in Queensland. It was formed along very specific lines – non-violence, cooperation, environmental values, respect and a Buddhist approach to life. Their approach to problem solving is consensus – although as we see, it doesn’t always go smoothly. The half hour documentary, a mix of interviews and observational style footage, takes a light hearted look at the things that drive us crazy and over which we have no control. At Frogs Hollow, the turkeys become the obstruction to true enlightenment which prompts the ultimate question: how do we live with the day to day reality of our ideologies? This is the key dilemma of Chant of the Scrub Turkey and one with which all the characters are grappling. Turkey expert, Ric Nattrass, becomes the voice of the turkey – anthropomorphising and speaking on their behalf. He fills in all the gaps about why a turkey does what a turkey does, which is, using Ric’s term, ‘because of Mum Nature’.
[ABC/8:30pm] The Bill. PC Will Fletcher (Gary Lucy) is bashed coming home from the pub, and it happens minutes after PC Emma Keane (Melanie Gutteridge) confesses to her fiance Matt Hinkley (Mark Dexter) that she and Will had had a brief fling. As DC Terry Perkins (Bruce Byron) investigates the beating, Will is still determined to convince Emma to call off her wedding… Meanwhile PC Yvonne Hemmingway (Michelle Austin) and DC Zain Nadir (TJ Ramani) are looking into what appears to be the sexual abuse of a minor by a local doctor. During the course of the investigation, Yvonne is forced to betray a trust. Zain has trouble holding back his emotions as he visits his sister’s grave on the 10th anniversary of her death, and confides in his girlfriend Kristen Shaw (Christine Stephen-Daly).
[ABC/11:35pm] Absolute Power : Country Life. (CC, Rpt, M *Coarse Language) Prentiss McCabe is engaged to represent The Real Country Union a right wing pressure group launching itself as a political party. CAST: Stephen Fry, Nicholas Farrell
[ABC/12:05pm] Nighty Night (CC, Rpt, M, *Contains a sex scene, sexual references and material that may offend some viewers) A determined Cath finally stands up to Jill and throws her out of the house. She also decides that she and Don will sell up and join a religious community far away from Jill or any other temptress. CAST: Julia Davis, Angus Deayton

[Ten/7:30pm] The All New Simpsons. “Rome-Old & Juli-Eh”
[Ten/8:30pm] NCIS “Grace Period”
[Ten/9:30pm] Numb3rs “Convergence” Rpt.

[Seven/7:30pm] It Takes Two. Guest: Guy Sebastian.
[Seven/9:00pm] All Saints. The team pull together to save one of their own – but is it too little too late? A secret shatters friendships. A young family faces their darkest hour. Bart declares his love for Erica.
[Seven/10:00pm] An Interview With Princes William And Harry. An exclusive in-depth and revealing interview with PRINCE WILLIAM and PRINCE HARRY at Clarence House – their official residence in London. The Princes discuss the memory of their mother Diana, and the concert and memorial service they have organized to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of her death. William and Harry also reflect on their life in a media fishbowl, their personal relationships, Harry’s deployment to Iraq with the British Army and how their celebrity status affects them, their friends and girlfriends.

[SBS/8:30pm] Cutting Edge – Gangs Of Iraq – Two years ago, President Bush announced his exit strategy for the U.S. military in Iraq. It was a plan critically dependent upon training Iraqi security forces. “Our strategy can be summed up this way,” said the president. “As Iraqis stand up, we will stand down.” But despite a four-year training effort – costing $15 billion and producing more than 300,000 Iraqi soldiers and national police – the violence in Iraq has only intensified. (From the US, in English and Arabic, English subtitles) (Documentary) M CC WS
[SBS/10:00pm] American Ruling Class. Lapham’s clubby and smugly pontificating host, with his easy charm and Luciferian tendency to pop up out of nowhere, injects every scene he’s in with sly humor.” Darrel Hartman, Yale Alumni Magazine. John Kirby’s astonishing documentary/drama/musical (yes, really) serves as a call to arms for anyone concerned with the consequences of their actions. Narrated and written by the wonderfully laconic and lucid Lewis Lapham (the nation’s intellectual treasure), American Ruling Class screens in the Hot Docs timeslot on SBS Television, Tuesday, June 9 at 10.00pm. In the freest nation in the world, class is, perhaps, the last taboo. This film examines the existence of class, power and privilege in a democratic society. It follows renowned essayist and author, Lewis Lapham, and two recent Yale graduates, as they ambush Pentagon briefings, high-society dinner parties, the World Economic Forum, philanthropic foundations, and corporate banks in search of an answer to the question: “Who rules America?” Director John Kirby has fashioned a cinematically sly, subversive film. It plays with form, but is populist in outreach; transcending documentary expectations with wit, style and political savvy. One of the film’s best moments comes with a Barbara Ehreneich interview. In the late 90s Ehrenreich went undercover. She took on various low-wage jobs (waitress, hotel chambermaid) and reported on how difficult it was to live on those earnings. She discusses her findings here, which reach their zenith in a full-blown musical number, with employees singing about being nickel-and-dimed. American Ruling Class has garnered accolades including The NY Loves Documentary Special Mention (Tribeca Film Festival); Official Selection (Two Rivers Film Festival); Official Selection (Joris Ivens Competition Film Festival); Official Selection (Williamstown Film Festival); and Official Selection (Woodstock Film Festival).

[UKTV/7:00pm] Eastenders Wendy Richards’ exit
[Bio/9:30pm] Inside the Actors’ Studio. Ralph Fiennes.
[Movie Greats/10:15pm] Movie: Teen Wolf (US 1985)

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