Tue June 26

[World Movies/8:30pm] Movie: Times of Harvey Milk (USA 1984)
[Bio/9:30pm] Inside the Actors’ Studio. Naomi Watts

[Ten/7:30pm] All New Simpsons “Homerazzi.”
[Ten/8:30pm] NCIS. Rpt.
[Ten/9:30pm] Numb3rs. “Finders Keepers” Guest: Kathy Najimy.

[ABC/8:00pm] Carbon Cops. Premiere. This six-part series blends science and the environment in simple and practical terms offering up a step-by-step guide to tackling global warming. Our Carbon Cops, Lish Fejer and Sean Fitzgerald, scientists passionate about the environment, show us how we can all make the necessary changes to reduce domestic carbon emissions, and the good news is it’s not that hard to achieve. In these half hour episodes we follow six families who are led through a step-by-step process of how their current use of energy is creating an uncertain future, and that a few simple changes to their lifestyle can make a huge difference. Our six families are; the Barries who have an enviable jet-setting lifestyle; the McSweeney- Glenwrights in country Victoria, living in a large Cape Cod style house totally unsuitable for our climate; the Bettenay/Fletchers, a three-generation family living in a massive rental home, who thought living together would allow them to save money, but their bills are astronomical; the student renters, whose solutions to a cold house are quick but expensive; the Lanes, a family of six living in a sprawling weatherboard, who love their luxuries and never give the environmental costs a second thought; the McKinney-Lelliots, a family of five with a house full of visitors, the oven always on and the heating cranked up all winter. The first episode features the Barrie family who passionately believe in the importance of confronting climate change – and they want to learn more. When the carbon cops arrive they find a family who believe they’re doing well at saving energy, but they’re in for a rude shock. The Barries have an enviable lifestyle; international holidays, luxury cars, a boat and a large renovated home in a fashionable suburb. Because of Dad’s business and the family’s holiday air travel their carbon count is very high. The blame game starts. The family struggle to get their carbon count down but it proves difficult. The option of offsetting their emissions is introduced. They learn all they can about offsetting their emissions from travel on planes, boats and cars; they learn about 100 per cent certified renewable green power. Matilda, their daughter says their goal is to go from a 60 tonne family to a zero carbon family.
[ABC/9:20pm] Foreign Correspondent

[Nine/7:30pm] Crime and Justice
[Nine/8:30pm] CSI NY. “Obsession.”
[Nine/9:30pm] The Nation. The Chaser boys, Chris Taylor and Andrew Hansen, appear as special guests to talk about their latest project.

[Seven/7:30pm] It Takes Two.
[Seven/9:30pm] All Saints. THE PAIN OF IT ALL. The ED is put under threat by a deadly disease. And while a man goes to extraordinary lengths to impress a girl, Bart fears history may be repeating itself.
[Seven/10:30pm] Crossing Jordan. IN SICKNESS & IN HEALTH. Dr Jordan decides that she is ready to get back to work, but Macy is reluctant because he feels it is too soon. After agreeing to take it easy, Dr Jordan soon finds herself thrust into a murder case and back to her old ways. Meanwhile, everyone is also concerned about Bug’s demeanour since his encounter with Homeland Security. Nigel and Kate team up with Woody to help solve the murder of a groom on his wedding day.

[SBS/8:30pm] Cutting Edge – Chahinaz: What Rights For Women? – Chahinaz is a 20 year old university student in Algeria – she’s vibrant and questioning as any young student should be. Her questions are both personal and universal – how can I continue to live as a woman in such a traditional society? And further, how can women around the world get equal rights? On her journey from Algeria to neighbouring Morocco, from India, to Ireland, France, the US and back again to Algeria, she learns what it takes to ‘change the world’ for women. (From France, in French, English and Arabic, English subtitles) (Documentary) M CC WS
[SBS/10:00pm] Hot Docs – Sugar Town: The Bridegrooms – Women are fleeing the area in search of work or marriage in the big cities. The majority of these women do not wish to live the rest of their lives in this small agricultural place where nothing changes. But the men do not have the same luxury of choice. Tradition dictates they inherit the land and must remain in the villages. Fully aware of this situation, the astute mayor promises to find the men wives, as part of his re-election campaign. “I don’t know how he came up with the idea,” says Kadafi, the local coffee shop owner, “but he promised that if we voted for him, he would organise a trip abroad to find us a wife.” (From Greece, in Greek and Russian, English subtitles) (Documentary) G
[SBS/1:25am Wed] Rainbow Bird And Monster Man – This documentary tells the life story of Tony Lock, who was sexually abused for ten years from age four to fourteen, and who, thirty years later, did something about it. This tale of murder, revenge, power and denial in an isolated rural community highlights the way society delivers justice, and charts an individual’s struggle to free himself from the torment which has shadowed him since childhood. Writer and director Dennis K. Smith combines dramatic elements and reconstructions with interviews with Lock, whose chatty, friendly presence belies the gravity of his story. (An SBSi Production, in English) (Documentary) (Rpt) M (L,A,S) CC WS

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