1.8m watch BB end

The finale of Big Brother was watched by just under 1.8m.

It is down 100,000 on the show’s end in 2006, which was down on 2005.

Previous finales have passed 2.2m.

TEN is claiming big figures for its 8.30pm – 10pm timeslot as 2.3m but this is a peak, and the industry always recognises averages. The overrun of the show also gave a misleading result for Torchwood as just under 1.7m. Scheduled as 9.15 – 10.15 this timeslot was all BB. Figures will be adjusted accordingly.

In the season closer, Victorian hairdresser Aleisha beat gay guy, Zach.

Update: Further info received from TEN claims a 2.3m peak and a 1.9m average, likely to be the adjusted outcome after overruns.


  1. Big Brother really picked up in the end, which is kind of good to see….well, to see Ten mix it up a bit in the ratings race for the week.

    BB daily show average; past few weeks-
    Last week- 1.064m
    Week Before that- 1.062m

    Pretty consistent, i guess Ten looked at $$ coming inthrough voting and winning the younger viewing braket when they decided to continue on next year, although they better put some more interesting people in if they want it to continue in 2009.

  2. So a show that averages a million viewers a night and wins its demographic isn’t a hit? If that’s the case, why has Neighbours lasted as long as it has? It’s cracked the 1m mark for the past week, but before that, I’m guessing it had been years since they’d come anywhere near 900k let along 1m. If the 1.9m figure for the 8:32 onwards slot is accurate, then as was the case last year, Oztam will break the show into two different entries, with the “Winner Announced” episode rating 1.9m….which was actually higher than last year’s “Winner Announced” episode. Yes, the producers have admitted that ratings are down 10% or something overall, but isn’t everything rating “worse” than it has previously? Gone are the days when a sitcom rated around 1.8m every night (a la Friends etc.). Even Survivor is stuck in a 10:30pm Sunday slot now, when it was once the biggest show on TV.

  3. Yep…all of which is in line with the adjustment. First post here was pre-adjustment as indicated.

    Its figures for the season overall were dismal compared to other years, and even TEN has acknowledged it underperformed across the season. A big finale, which was only as big as a weekly ep of Border Security anyway, does not a hit make.

  4. Yes, very interesting that they say the peak was 2.3m and the average 1.9, yet Dave’s figures have the peak as 1.9 and the average as 1.78 or something. Either way, a hell of a lot of people tuned in to watch a show that reportedly has “dismal” ratings!!! πŸ™‚

  5. Since I have access to OZTAM computer .. BB details for all –

    BB Finale – 7PM – 8.32PM

    BB The Winner – 8.32PM-10.09PM

  6. It would have been ace if those figures were actually for Torchwood. It sure as hell doesn’t deserve the Tuesday 12pm slot. Midnight Jack πŸ™

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