Airdate: Shark. Returning: Las Vegas

UPDATE: Shark will now not premiere on July 30 following a late amendement by Seven. Instead a double episode of Criminal Minds will screen. The move is likely to a response to the competing finale of Big Brother. Shark is now due for a later launch in August.

Seven’s new drama Shark will kick off at 9:30pm on Monday July 30.

In a risky move for Seven, the show will premiere on the same night as the finale of Big Brother, currently scheduled to end at 9:15pm -but when has that ever finished on time?

It would certainly be in TEN’s interest to stretch the final out to 9:45pm.

James Woods stars as “a charismatic, supremely self-confident defence attorney, who after a shocking outcome in one of his cases – and a personal epiphany – brings his cutthroat tactics to the prosecutor’s office.”

Meanwhile, Las Vegas returns to Seven at 8:30pm Thursday August 2 with a double episode. It kicks off with Season 4’s, “Father of the Bride Redux” guest starring Jewel and introducing Cheryl Ladd as a regular.


  1. Good to see David that you are keeping your integrity by adhering to the embargoes… unlike others in your profession – good morning Peter Ford (oh did I say that! Im such a bitch)

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