AOK for Andrew and Sonia

Andrew O’Keefe will be joined by Sonia Kruger for his new Tonight show pilot AOK Tonight.

Two pilots will be shot in Sydney later this month, promising “an evening of night time comedy and variety, some razor sharp topical discourse, and surprise celebrity guests.”

O’Keefe is one of the busiest guys in the biz these days working on Deal or No Deal, The Rich List and Weekend Sunrise.

It’s great to see Sonia Kruger getting a gig.

For the pilot the show is looking for a lively audience, “for people that aren’t camera shy.”

Seven is also looking at pilots for Daryl Somers and Grant Denyer.


  1. O’Keefe Overdose.. Oh way to make another Eddie disaster ch7.

    Daryl Somers’ day has past..

    I feel like Sonia Kruger is a train wreak thanks in part too her association to Somers.

    Grant Denyer maybe, but don’t give him 16 other crap shows to host and destroy his chances.

  2. Totally agree with “anonymous” … Sonia is brilliant but O’Keefe is an arrogant, egotistical, no-talent prat … jobs for the bozo boys again, eh! ?

  3. So wish it was Sonia and not the dreadful, egotistical..(“I’m loud and wonderful”) Andrew O’Keeefe hosting the show..It would be great to see her doing it with another sidekick..

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