It Takes Seven. Again.

Week 26 saw no real change in the weekly trends of 2007.

Seven won with 29.% to Nine’s 27.1%, Ten’s 21.7%, the ABC’s 17% and SBS’ 5.1%.

Seven won Monday, Tuesday and Friday nights, taking out all cities except Brisbane. Nine won Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday with a weekly win in Brisbane again, not enough for Eddie to leave the CEO role smiling.

It Takes Two moved to become the #1 show of the week for the first time. Seven’s other strong shows were Grey’s Anatomy, Seven News, Today Tonight, All Saints, Desperate Housewives, and Where Are They Now. The Morning Show continued a formidable lead over its opponents.

60 Minutes remains Nine’s top show followed by CSI, CSI Miami, National Nine News, RPA Where Are They Now, ACA, 1 vs 100, Getaway, What’s Good for You and McLeod’s Daughters. As The Nation continues a downward spiral and executives are dropped, Nine will be pinning its hopes on Sea Patrol which launches this week. The Today Show‘s 25th Anniversary week was defeated except in Melbourne where it regularly beats Sunrise. Could its Martin Place setting be snubbed by Melbourne?

With little contest from Nine on Tuesdays, Ten again managed second place that night. Similarly, its best show for the week was House, aired without competition from The Chaser. Next was The Simpsons, NCIS, Law and Order, Big Brother. Both Torchwood and Pirate Master slipped in their second week.

Spicks and Specks was easily the ABC’s best, followed by ABC News, Taggart, New Inventors, More than Enough Rope, Robin Hood, Einstein Factor and Doctor Who.

As usual Mondays were strongest for SBS.

Week 26 Ratings.


  1. Normal ratings continue.

    The Morning Show 204,000
    KAK 125,000
    David and Kim 97,000

    Check Top 100 in Ratings Archive for weekly figures on H+A.

  2. Are the next couple of weeks non-rating with the school holidays? With Today beating sunrise in melb is it the same story between KAK and the morning show in melb?

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