Jason’s new soap

Jason Donovan is shooting a new soap in the UK, Echo Beach.

The actor, who appeared in the earlier this week, in Concert for Diana, joins ex-Eastenders’ Martine McCutcheon in the Cornwall-shot series. In the drama, Donovan’s character plays McCutcheon’s ex-lover, whose “whose complicated affairs are played out amongst teenage angst, family loyalties and tested friendships.”

Interestingly, the show will have a cross-over with new comedy Moving Wallpaper whose characters are supposedly the film crew behind Echo Beach who are “taken to the brink of insanity by their irrepressible producer.”

It’s a cute idea from ITV, cross-pollinating one show to prop up another. It might end up confusing the audience, but may also make for must-see TV. I love that they are thinking outside the square here, and I still miss that fabulous soap parody Grosse Point from Darren Star.

Donovan wasn’t so flash at the concert this week, but he is actually a good actor and his work in MDA and with the Melbourne Theatre Company have demonstrated he’s come a long way. These pics suggest he hasn’t looked this good in ages.

Source: Digital Spy.


  1. I heard about Jason Donovan appearing in a new show called Echo Beach whilst in Euope nad thought they’d had their wires crossed. Echo Beach was the name of a short lived soap on Channel 10 in the mid 90s. It featured Victoria Nichols and a pre Seachange Tom Long. Will we get this new show here?

  2. TelevisionAU

    i think it’s a bit sad, if Jason can demonstrate his range as an actor in shows like MDA, thenwhy is he in his twentysomething t-shirt and jeans, and doing a soap 20 years after he did all that in Neighbours? he should be able to do better than that i’d have thought. Though the question should be asked – who decided to film a beachfront soap in the UK?? It’s like making a series about a tropical holiday resort in Melbourne….. 🙂

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