Mon July 23

[ABC/8:00pm] Australian Story. Belinda Emmett.
[ABC/8:30pm] Four Corners. Should the children of addicts be removed from the family home? Reporter Janine Cohen asks: how many chances should a parent get?
[ABC/9:20pm] Media Watch.
[ABC/9:35pm] Enough Rope With Andrew Denton. Andrew talks to Grinspoon frontman Phil Jamieson, one of the most high-profile Australian victims of the Ice epidemic.

[Ten/1:00pm] Oprah. “John Travolta And The Cast Of Hairspray” It has been 30 years since he has done something like this…now, Oprah’s friend John Travolta is shaking things up in a whole new way!! And, the all-star cast of “Hairspray” – Michelle Pfeiffer, Queen Latifah, and Christopher Walken!
[Ten/6:30pm] Neighbours. Rosie and Frazer’s dream wedding ends in horror for their friends. Carmella receives a stark reminder of Ringo’s youth. The Parker family arrive in Erinsborough.
[Ten/7:30pm] Big Brother. Nominations. Final
[Ten/8:30pm] Law and Order: SVU. “Florida.” Benson hears from her half-brother who is on the run because of sexual assault charges. He continues to claim his innocence, but the evidence continues to pile up against him. Benson reluctantly agrees to help in the investigation.
[Ten/9:30pm] Torchwood. “Countrycide” Concerned that the space-time rift is spreading, Torchwood investigates a series of gruesome deaths in the Brecon Beacons village of Brynblaidd. What sort of creature could cause such shocking injuries?

[Seven/3:00pm] Sons and Daughters. Premiere. ANNIVERSARY PARTY
Cameron Walker’s world revolves around his extended family, which includes wife Liz, his son Henry, his mother and stepfather, Colleen and Wendal Halbert and his other plethora of brothers and sisters. He is considered the only sane person in his family and tries to fix any problem that arises.
[Seven/7:30pm] Border Security. Tonight, a mysterious passenger has Customs baffled, a cigarette smoker blows his stack and the Mail Centre makes a shocking discovery inside two packages sent from Thailand – as the fight to protect our border continues. Narrated by GRANT BOWLER.
[Seven/8:30pm] Criminal Minds. Series Return. THE FISHER KING. In a chilling two hour series return, Special Agent Jason Gideon and the Behavioral Analysis Unit become pawns in the fantasy game of a psychopathic killer who challenges each member of the team with a cryptic riddle while on respective vacations. Gideon, Hatcher and the team reconvene at the BAU in order to pull all of the interlocking clues together in the hope of solving the case before the next victim meets their fate. Starring MANDY PATINKIN, THOMAS GIBSON, SHEMAR MOORE.
[Seven/10:20pm] Boston Legal. DUCK AND COVER. Brad and Denise’s wedding day goes awry when their priest is arrested and Denise goes into labour. Jerry Espenson defends a woman who was kicked out of her apartment for owning a duck. Denny gets his hands on the Stanley Cup.
[Seven/11:20pm] Scrubs. MY RABBIT. Kim moves in with J.D. in order to raise their child together. J.D. learns from Turk and Dr. Cox that fatherhood changes the way you see things. Carla complains to Elliot about her being a control freak when they prepare the bachelorette party. Guest starring ELIZABETH BANKS.
[Seven/12:50am Mon] Popstars. Rpt.

[Nine/7:30pm] 20 to 1. “Magnificent Movies” Hosted by Bert Newton, from action to comedy, from musicals to horror, 20 To 1 casts a spotlight on 20 magnificent movies that stay with us long after the credits have rolled.
[Nine/8:30pm] 1 vs 100.

[SBS/7:30pm] Top Gear – Richard races the Porsche Turbo S across the rocky terrain of Cypress against a British Army Crack parachutist who jumps from 10,000 feet, and Jeremy test drives the new, futuristic Mercedes S Class with back-massaging seats and self-activating headlights. He then takes on the challenge of car interior design, fitting a Mercedes S Class with a stone flagged floor, mullioned windows and wood-burning stove. Ewan McGregor drops in as the ‘Star in A Reasonably Priced Car’. (From the UK, in English) (Documentary Series) PG WS CC
[SBS/9:00pm] Drawn Together. – Unrestrainable Trainable – Captain Hero discovers that the “special” Giant who’s been attacking the city is actually his son! And what’s worse, Hero’s sister, Captain She-Ro, is the mother! Can Hero raise his inbred son to be a productive member of society? Or will the Giant destroy the world by hugging a Winnie-the-Pooh-shaped nuclear bomb? In the mean time, Clara gets Munchhausen’s by Proxy, and earns accolades by alternately taking care of Wooldoor, and keeping him sick with drain cleaner and sledgehammers. (From the US, in English) (Animated Comedy Series) M (A,S) CC WS

[UKTV/8:30pm] Daisy Does America. Premiere.
[Showtime Greats/8:30pm] Movie: Making Love (US 1982) Harry Hamlin.

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