Nine bumps Nation

Channel Nine is finally moving on changes to The Nation, bumping it from Tuesday nights to Wednesdays at the later airtime of 10:30pm.

Last night the show had its lowest audience yet with only 548,000.

Nine is also premiering The Dame Edna Treatment and Things to Try Before You Die.

Nine’s newly altered scheduling now follows as:

Tuesday 10th July
7:30pm Crime and Justice (final)
8:00pm Neighbours at War (final)
8:30pm CSI Miami rpt (replaces new CSI NY)
9:30pm Movie: Muriel’s Wedding. Rpt.

Wednesday 11th July
10:30pm The Nation (replaces Extreme Makeover)

Monday 16th July
7:30pm 20 to 1 rpt

Tuesday 17th July
7:30pm Things to Try Before You Die

Saturday 21st July
7:30pm The Dame Edna Treatment

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  1. I actually don’t think that the show is that bad. With a bit of fine tuning, it could make great late night viewing….

    Mick’s a funny guy…. just maybe not for television.

    Michael x

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