Nine declines Naomi Show

The Australian reported this week that Naomi Robson’s manager showed her pilot of The Naomi Show to Nine’s Jeff Browne and programmer Michael Healy but they rejected it.

Nine is obviously still licking its wounds over the demise of The Catch-Up and steering away from potentially expensive shows that take time to build. This is despite reports all round that the pilot was actually pretty good.

Naomi has been so readily identified as a Seven personality, including with some notorious baggage, it may prove problematic to find her another outlet so soon.

I still sense she has been hard done by here. Naomi Robson managed to entrench Today Tonight as a successful vehicle for Seven. Where’s the love, guys?


  1. I was lucky enough to be in the live audience for the taping of Naomi’s pilot show. Naomi had put a lot of effort into the show and making it personal, having gone shopping and bought most of the furniture and decoration for the set herself.

    The celebrity interviews she did were straight out of the speed dials on her phone (Steve Vizard, Kate Ceberano, Daniel McPherson, Debora Lee Furness, etc, but she had no problem switching into interview mode and asked them great questions. Her inteview style was very relaxed and had no trace of the hard TT host. She was very smooth.

    And she was extremely friendly in between shooting and came to meet the fans and have photos after the show. The audience were all invited guests– fans who had contacted Naomi when she left TT, and she had kept all their contact details to invite them to the taping of this show.

    I don’t know where it would fit in a TV schedule– it had possibly a midday kind of feel to it, but she is a great talk host.

  2. If “anonymous” thinks that Sea Patrol is the answer to Nine’s problems then he/she is greatly deceived!
    Take a look at SBS’s brilliant new drama THE CIRCUIT … What a brilliant show … it leaves SEA PATROL for dead! Makes it look like a half-baked, underwritten and lazily acted “B” Grade movie!
    Powerful and compelling story, riveting performances and still beautifully shot. The writers and producers of Sea Patrol should get some lessons from SBS!!!

  3. Naomi and her show is exactly what Nine need to help dig them out of the big black hole they have fallen into through their long running bad management and constant staffing turmoil. (Yes, that book by Gerald Stone is fascinating!)
    Get someone in there who can make a GOOD decision for once! What would Kerry Packer do if he were still here?

  4. I think it’s hard for her to extricate herself from her cold TT image. I still have horror flashes of her marking respect for Steve Irwin by wearing a lizard. Or what about poor ‘ol Wah Wah? Or even the blooper tape that did the rounds?

    Did people actually watch it for her, or the tabliod stories? Have the ratings changed since she has left?

    Even after her short stint in Dancing, it hard to shake off that image! I guess it’s all a bit too risky and expensive.

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