Presenters to Try Before U Die

Nine’s new travel show, Things to Try Before You Die will air in the week of July 15, most likely in the 7:30pm Monday timeslot.

The show is presented by Livinia Nixon, Jules Lund and Gary Sweet.

The title is unashamedly close to other formats known as Try Before You Die and 99 Things to Do Before You Die.

A preview is available on Nine’s site.

Press Release:

Things to Try Before You Die will provide viewers with a visual ‘tick off’ of their most popular life dreams and wishes.

Things To Try Before You Die – series one x 8 episodes will span the globe filming in the dream destinations of USA, the UK, France, The Far East, Africa, Egypt, New Zealand and of course our own backyard Australia.

Coming to Channel Nine week of July 15.


  1. Abstract Adam - Adam Oriti

    What a morbid title for a program, with the ongoing threat of Terrorism, all the death around lately and now a title to make sure you remember you will die. Lets hope some twist of fate doesn’t see the presenter get his head chopped off from some very long flying fox cable.

  2. TelevisionAU

    Is it just me or is Jules Lund the most overrated TV “celebrity” you can find on this earth?? I reckon there are Big Brother contestants with more talent than him. I just don’t understand what Channel 9 sees in him. Same goes for Mick Molloy 🙂

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