Seven drops Naomi

Channel Seven has not renewed its contract with Naomi Robson.

Despite much hype about her talk show pilot (which sounded quite genuine) the network did not proceed and is now of the view that it has no vehicle for her.

Robson’s manager confirmed discussions were still underway but that there is nothing firm between the two parties at this stage.

Naomi copped a lot of flak from her time on Today Tonight yet Seven seems to forget she was also the only host to have given the show a national, long-term success. Despite incidents in which she seemed out of her depth, the current affairs show has continued to cop more than its share of dramas this year. So was Naomi the fall-guy?

Robson’s appearance on Dancing with the Stars did manage to show the more relaxed side to the host, but it may not have been enough to save her from the axe. Indeed, there is speculation the network merely proceeded with her pilot as a favour with little intent on actually acquiring it.

Given all the talk of pilots for Daryl, Andrew and now even Grant, it does smell decidedly odd.

So where to now for Naomi?

Source: Sunday Telegraph


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