Tennant sticks with Who

David Tennant has confirmed he is staying put as Dr Who for a little while longer.

Despite keeping mum after a recent meeting with the BBC, the actor has told the Wales on Sunday that, “From the moment I took the job there has been speculation I was leaving. I’m having the time of my life and I wouldn’t want it any other way at the moment.”

The next finale is nearing in the UK, but the series has only just kicked off in Australia where it had 928,000 viewers on the ABC.

Source: Digital Spy.


  1. It was a rumour all over the press about Martha, that’s why I mentioned it … she is NOT leaving the show! And she will be in a few episodes of TORCHWOOD season 2 also!

  2. Can we not have spoilers of any type, please? I might be sounding a bit pedantic, but even hinting that Martha’s future is unclear at the end of the series when she’s only been in one episodeso far in Australia is, in my eyes, a spoiler.

    Sorry to be a party pooper!! 🙂

  3. David Tennant is a brilliant Doctor and I would be very disappointed if we did not get at least one more year out of him! I also feel that assistant Martha is the best he has had in a very long time, I like her much more than Rose.
    Having just seen the final episode for season 3, which was monumental to say the least, I am really wondering what they are doing with Martha’s character. Recent press reports about her being “sacked” are completely rediculous but it is by no means obvious what her involvement in season 4 will be.

    Season 3 is the best year of Doctor Who since the early Tom Baker years of 1975/1976.

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