Airdate: Summer Heights High

Chris Lilley’s highly-anticipated new comedy Summer Heights High will begin at 9:30pm Wednesday September 5 on the ABC.

Lilley’s last series We Can Be Heroes earned him high praise and awards for his chameleon-like performances, including Logie’s Graham Kennedy Award for Most Outstanding New Talent.

The new series follows a drama teacher and a school production. Lilley will appear in multiple roles including Mr G, the delusional dance and drama teacher who sees himself as friend, counsellor and inspiration to his students. Beloved bitch Ja’mie will also return!

Press Release:

An eight-part mockumentary comedy series created, written by and starring comedian Chris Lilley.

Over one term, a documentary crew films the everyday activities at an average Australian public high school. Three individuals stand out – Mr G, an ego driven drama teacher on a mission to change the face of drama education; Ja’mie King, a bitchy private schoolgirl on a student exchange, set to make her mark; and Jonah Takalua, a mischievous schoolboy from Tonga with the odds stacked against him. The only characteristic they have in common is they are all played by Chris Lilley.

Hilarious, absurd and frequently shocking Summer Heights High reveals a world where small issues become huge, social groups are important, careers are built, young minds are moulded, hopes are shattered and dreams are realised.


  1. Omg i love this show its sooooo goood
    it always makes my day
    it already has me in stiches
    you COULD add more characters to it but it would make people laugh so much they would probly pass out from lack of air lol

  2. Chris is a legend!
    We all love him here in Wagga. Definetly one of the best comedians around the country at the moment.
    Is so much better to watch Aussie humour instead of American humour for once!
    HW, Wagga

  3. This has made my day! I loved We Can Be Heroes, so I can’t wait to see what Lilley has to offer us with his new serving! I hear Ja’mie will be making an appearence as well!!!

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