King size battle looming

Circle Monday August 27th in your diary now. You’ll have to choose between:

The King (8:30pm Channel Nine)
City Homicide (8:30pm Channel Seven)
Californication (9:45pm Channel TEN).

All three are free to air premieres, two of them, Australian-made drama (isn’t it always the way?).

Nine is making a major move against the launch of Seven’s new series, with its acclaimed, if controversial, telemovie about the life of Graham Kennedy. It screened on Foxtel earlier this year.

Seven has a lot riding on its expensive new series and will be counting on big interest in the new drama. Attempts to thwart its first night’s viewing will be no surprise to them, but it is unfortunate the battle will see local drama used to undermine local drama. City Homicide will have a 2 hour premiere.

TEN meanwhile will unveil the David Duchovny cable series, Californication, a half-hour series which due to its racy subject matter can’t be screened earlier in the night. With advertisements it will run for 40 minutes. It will be folloewd by the return of The Office.

It’s time to warm up those VCRs, DVD-Rs and PDRs people!

Any tips on which show will top the ratings?

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  1. Californication looks like total crap!
    I will watch City Homicide (because of Aaron Pederson) and tape The King.
    Why do they not include the shows people record to watch later in the ratings??? … i get the impression they do that in the UK, is that right?

  2. Well the choice will be like Chalk , Cheese and a great double cream brie! Chalk being Californicrap , Cheese being City Homo and the Brie being The King – irresistible!

  3. Typical. Put the Aussie shows up against each other and try to knock one out. The only ones who win then will be the Americans who can “dump” their dramas on the Aussie market to fill the gaps. Great move!

  4. That’s easy!
    record The King
    watch City Homicide and then switch over to Californication (the only problem will be if City Homicide is a movie length event, as seven often likes to do with premieres)
    Still on Monday nights, what is going to happen to Sevens existing line up of Criminal Minds and Shark?

  5. I caught THE KING on foxtel, and unfortunately I found it very dry, dull and boring. I thought that the writers could have delved a little more deeply into his life and what made him tick. Oh well!

    Californication looks interesting but has had mixed reviews and is aimed at a different market.

    City Homicide looks good, has an interesting cast and hopefully great storylines. For the sake of Australian drama, I hope it does well! City Homicide all the way!

  6. I wouldn’t be surprised if Seven quickly schdule in an “encore screening” of City Homicide for later in the week… I actually not surprised none the networks do it more often. It’s very common in the states to show a few times in one week

  7. This is ridiculous – I want to watch all 3 and all 3 deserve to get sky-rocketing ratings but the networks refuse to cooperate and force us to choose. I could complain some more about scheduling conflicts and networks replacing repeats and fluff-pieces with these programs at later dates, but what’s the point?

    I suppose because THE KING is screened on Foxtel, I’ll unfortunately pass on that one and catch it at a friend’s house at a later stage, watch channel 7 and record channel 10.

    Ironically, I wish it were this tough to decide what to watch on free-to-air more often!

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