Singing Office for Foxtel

Nick Giannopoulis has been announced as host of Foxtel’s new Singing Office show.

The international format which allows ordinary office-workers to warble their vocal chords will see Giannopoulis joined by Julia Morris.

The show is due to start in September.

Press Release:

FOXTEL today confirmed that production has commenced on a local version of THE SINGING OFFICE, the world’s most-talked about new television format.

The hot new entertainment spectacular heralds the return to Australian television of one of the country’s best-loved entertainers, Nick Giannopoulos, who will host the 13-part series.

THE SINGING OFFICE takes everyday working Australians and transforms them into singing and dancing superstars. The keenly-anticipated new series will air only on FOX8 from early September.

Each week THE SINGING OFFICE will introduce five workers from two very different Australian companies. They will audition, learn to sing and dance, and finally, the two companies face-off in the ultimate office sing-off in an action and emotion packed one hour.

Host Nick Giannopoulos said: “Now we’ve all come across people at work who boast that they could have been, or one day will be, the next Kylie Minogue or Robbie Williams, well THE SINGING OFFICE gives them a chance to prove it! The results are not only very funny but also at times quite surprising.”

Joining Nick will be comedienne Julia Morris, who has returned home from London to especially coach a team of workers each week. Australia’s most vocal cricket fan, Gus Worland (FOX8’s An Aussie Goes Barmy), will also add his humility and encouragement to a group of employees keen to make their mark on the stage.

As Julia and Gus coach, encourage and assist our brave Aussie workers the two teams will follow an intense singing and dancing boot camp each week, and then have the opportunity to dazzle an expert panel of judges with their live performance. The judges will decide each week’s winner, who will then move through to the grand final.

“FOXTEL is delighted to have secured the rights to the hottest TV format currently sweeping the world”, said FOXTEL Executive Director of Television and Marketing, Brian Walsh.

“THE SINGING OFFICE will be a must-watch for the whole family. Our brave workers put it all on the line for their colleagues as they try and master the art of singing some of the world’s biggest hits. We are confident the fun new show will really hit a chord with FOX8’s audience.”

THE SINGING OFFICE is a 13-part prime time feel-good entertainment series where the most unlikely people will become an overnight sensation and is produced for FOXTEL by dSP BEYOND.

THE SINGING OFFICE is an exclusive subscription television property and will debut on FOXTEL’s flagship channel FOX8 in early September.


  1. W00P W00P

    my uncle BRAD BENNETT was in the post office one!

    they got through!

    disapointing i didnt get on tv but grand final here we come!

    hopefuly ill get on them!

    ;samantha <3

  2. I have a comment. i was just wondering why in the episode of Mccains V Myer, they played everyones audition tape but mine. They had time to play a section of a rat doing pointless things but didn’t have time to play mine.Disappointed Mccains.

  3. What rock did you crawl out from under?

    Julia Morris is hilarious and the past few years she’s spent in the UK have made her even funnier! You obviously missed her return to Australian TV when she did a recent stint on ‘Thank God You’re Here’ (hopefully we’ll see her appear on it again).

    I’ve read that Gus from ‘An Aussie Goes Barmy’ is also on the show and he’s hella funny too!

    Being a bit of a reality tv junky I’m looking forward to watching The Singing Office as it sounds like it’s going to be a riot! The concept is heaps better than Idol, Big Brother or any other “I can’t wait til this is over to become a real star” type of reality shows that are out there.

  4. I don’t see this lasting to be honest. Which is a shame, as the concept is quite interesting.

    While its a good idea, the show will suffer at the hands of Nick Giannopoulis and Julia Morris.

    Getting two painfully unfunny has-beens to host will kill this show.

    Plus it’s on Foxtel, so only about 4% of the population will ever be able to see it.

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