Ten drops Pirate Master. Again.

The TEN Network appears to have ducked for cover with remaining eps of Mark Burnett’s ailing Pirate Master.

After previously moving the Thursday eps to Sunday arvos, TEN is dropping the ep on Sunday Aug 5 for eps of Everybody Loves Raymond.

This last week a former contestant on the show is said to have died from an apparent suicide and CBS recently cancelled the show outright, dropping all remaining episodes.

The death is one of several linked to television programmes, including the suicide of an English teenager who appeared in SBS’ Australian production of The Colony.


  1. There have been other cases of suicides during a programs run, one of the Contender contestants commited suicide shortly after filming of his last episode and elimination during the first series.

  2. Between the pitiful ratings (both here and in the US), the negative publicity from the suicide and the even worse publicity regarding the show’s US cancellation, Ten is probably just cutting it’s losses and dumping it. Good thing too – it was rubbish anyway.

  3. Are they dropping it because of the death? Cause it couldn’t be doing that bad at 12pm Sunday arvo to warrant it being completely removed.

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