TEN joins Foxtel digital

The TEN Network is opting in to Foxtel’s digital broadcast network, which effectively leaves the Seven Network as the channel unavailable via the subscription broadcaster.

It will initially be available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Geelong and the NSW Central Coast from September.

Nine, SBS and the ABC are already re-broadcast through Foxtel digital.

Ratings research has previously indicated that viewers who have Foxtel show a higher viewership of Nine product than non-cable households. All eyes will now be on Seven, whose affiliation with TIVO is a competitor to Foxtel’s IQ brand.

Press release:

The FOXTEL-TEN retransmission agreement was signed today by Grant Blackley, TEN’s chief executive officer, and FOXTEL’s chief executive officer, Kim Williams.

FOXTEL has now reached digital retransmission agreements with the ABC, SBS, Nine Network and TEN. This benefits everyone, in particular consumers who can watch the television they want with maximum convenience.

Under the agreement announced today, consumers will be able to view TEN’s digital signal seamlessly through the FOXTEL platform and access TEN’s schedule and program details via FOXTEL’s electronic program guide (EPG).

For the first time, TEN’s signal will be available to FOXTEL satellite subscribers in Brisbane , Melbourne and Geelong , Sydney and the NSW Central Coast . FOXTEL cable subscribers will also gain access for the first time to TEN’s digital signal in Adelaide , Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Melbourne , Perth , and Sydney . The targeted start date for the new satellite and cable retransmissions is September.

Currently FOXTEL cable subscribers receive an analogue-only retransmission of TEN. There is currently no satellite retransmission of TEN on FOXTEL.

TEN’s High Definition (HD) service will also be retransmitted via cable when FOXTEL launches its own HD offering planned for 2008.

Viewers of TEN on FOXTEL will have access to the full range of FOXTEL digital services including enhancements, EPG and FOXTEL iQ personal digital recorder functionality.


  1. Apparently Channel 10 have picked up Flight of the Conchords. Dont know when they will screen it though. In my opinion, it would have been better if it was picked up by ABC or SBS.

  2. I wonder how long it will be until Adelaide can get NWS9 (Channel 9 Southern Cross) on Foxtel in digital format now that Ten has allowed digital transmission in Adelaide.

  3. This is such a great long awaited enhancement to my viewing of Channel Ten through Foxtel Digital (IQ).

    Hopefully this will make Channel Seven wake up and realise all the viewers they are missing out on, because we don’t know what’s on.

    I noticed tonight that Channel Ten have started screening in widescreen, I’m just waiting for the EPG now.

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