Airdate: Burke’s Backyard Spring Special

No surprises here.

Nine will air its Don Burke special at 6:30pm Sunday September 23 following the final appearance of Backyard Blitz in the previous week.

Old mates Jamie Durie and Don Burke will go head to head, as opposed to Durie competing with himself via Australia’s Best Backyards!

Don Burke returns to our screens with a bumper eco-focused spring special.

With fun ways to tread lightly on the planet, it’s good news for you, your family & your garden! Don will be joined by Scott Cam, Giaan Rooney & Dr Chris Brown

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  1. As a solar power installer, I was disappointed in the inaccuracies spoken about solar power. The “advice” was at least six months out of date. The Australian Government Rebate has been up to $8,000 since the budget earlier this year, not $4,000 as portraied. Please publish a correction Channel 9.

    Bill Brazier
    Solagift Technologies

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