Airdate: Commercial Breakdown

Uh oh.

I’m going to try through gritted teeth to just give you the facts here.

Nine is launching a new series called Commercial Breakdown where Dermott Brereton will give us “best and funniest commercials from around the world.”

It will premiere from 7:30pm on Monday September 24.

It will be followed by Just for Laughs in which Getaway’s Jason Dundas shows us “the world’s favourite hidden camera series” at 8pm. UPDATE 18/9: Now hosted by David Whitehill.

Finally, later that night after RFDS premieres there is the premiere of Emergency, a “cutting edge series which gives viewers a unique behind-the-scenes look at a hospital’s busy emergency department.” It was going to be Inferno but that came and went as an amendment in 24 hours.

That is all.


  1. I like comercial breakdown…if anyone has even watched it they would like it! Some one asked for something new? So here it is! Its a comedian Pom showing us how great our ads are! Come on! We always liked their comedian style. Get some taste! Its a great show for laughs.

  2. How ironic that on the night that Nine used to show ER, they’ve included a reality emergency room programme in their lineup!!!

    Is there any word on ER’s possible return?

  3. So Channel 9 is just happy to rollover and let Seven take Monday nights by the look of it! A lot of creativity there by the programming department.. not! And Dermot Brereton?!? What are they thinking??

  4. This will continue to hurt Nine’s Monday nights.

    I am sure they would love to plug in a new season of the female-skewing WGFY, but none seem forthcoming.

    Survivor China is looking better by the day.

  5. Well, at least that explains the sudden reappaerance of “i-Caught”.

    I’m guessing this latest pile of non-celebrity fronted garbage was concocted by Nine on Tuesday morning, and the one week gap is needed to give the editors time to recycle the same old “classic ads” and the in-house production crew to wheel Dermie in front of a camera.

    Sad, sad, sad. I predict another 600,000.

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