Airdate: Life

TEN will premiere the new NBC series Life on Wednesday October 3 at 9:30pm, one week after it airs in America.

In the drama Damian Lewis (Band of Brothers, The Forsyte Saga) stars as “a police officer framed for murder and held in prison for 12 years from 1995 to 2007 before being exonerated. After years of false imprisonment he returns to the force with a decidedly different philosophy. He re-enters a world that’s moved on without him. His appreciation for the details offers him up an unique insights into crime solving, and also reminds us of all the little things we take for granted.” His co-star is The L Word’s Sarah Shahi.

TEN will screen the series after returning a new season of House from 8:30pm. It airs in the US from September 25.

Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? moves to 7:30pm following its debut next week.

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  1. Obviously there are positives and negatives in anything. I think most Aussies would be aghast at how interrupted US seasons actually are. But we can’t wait for people to view seasons on DVD when they have aired on FTA. We’d never get anything done!

  2. I know this site supports US shows been seen here as soon as they air in the states. At the risk of being unpopular, I much prefer waiting for the new year for the new seasons. That way we get the buzz on which shows are good or not and don’t get stuck watching a dud like Califorication. Also as David has mentioned starting the new seasons now and stretching them till May means they will be interuppted. The luxury we’ve had the past 2 years of 7’s shows being virtually uninterupted (with the exception of easter)will be a thing of the past. Also with the dvd releases of Hereos & Season 2 of Prison Break, it would have been good to have a chance to watch the dvds before the new sasons start. Now that’s not gonna happen.

  3. Damages wasn’t shocking figures. It was a 9:30pm show and it didn’t air in Perth. There is a slew of encores this week, let’s give it a little time as this is a show that actually deserves it.

    Next week Seven has City Homicide on both Monday and Wednesday at 8:30pm.

  4. ooooo intresting comments….im putten my money on Damages geten bumped after those shocking figures from Sunday, but i wouldnt put it past Seven to move City Hom perementaly to Wed 8.30 & Heroes to Monday 8.30….then again maybe not lol

  5. Actually one of those isn’t right, (can’t tell u till Thursday!) but you also forgot Newstopia starting soon too!

    Yes we will have a new winner as hottest night of the week. Who will break first?

  6. looken forward to this series….too bad it’s on at the same time as both Prison Break AND Summer Heights….hate how Heroes,House,Chaser,Life,Damages,PB& Summer Heights are all on within a 2-hour period!

    would u agree that Wednesday is now the weeks most contended night, David?

  7. There was a special a few Saturday mornings ago, as a one-off. Last time it premiered on Foxtel before Seven.

    Haven’t seen any airdate yet.

    Alas, HSM is no Fame or Grease!

    Please use TV Lounge if you can’t find a relevant thread. It just keeps comments on topic. Thanks.

  8. Would you happen to know when High School Musical 2 is set to premiere? I thought it was meant to be Saturday 22nd September, but I havent heard any details or seen any ads and the TV Guide tells me otherwise.

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