Another day, another 9 backflip

Remember yesterday when I told you Nine was dropping I-Caught next Monday night for Two and a Half Men?

Cancel that.

They’ve just changed it back again.

Either Nine has decided yes indeed, it IS too late to go changing schedules on us so rapidly, or they’ve woken up to the fact that Two and a Half Men should really be called Two and a Half Jokes. Either way it underlines the flippant scheduling moves which this blog questioned yesterday.

Networks are entitled to alter programming, and media will often be privvy to “pre-published changes.” But in my 4 years of covering television, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many changes of heart (and that’s putting it nicely) so close to airdate as those which emanate out of Nine lately. A show is here today, gone tomorrow, returned the day after. Literally.

So once again, I-Caught is now back on Monday Sept 17 with all its CCTV, webcam and You Tube style clips for the 600,000 who enjoyed it this week. The 699,000 who last viewed Two and A Half Men will have to wait a little longer.

For the record the following 7:30 – 8:30pm Monday Sept 24 is still TBA.

I’m guessing the network apologises for any confusion (to media). But that’s just a guess.

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