Dancing down a storm?

Dancing with the Stars was confidently the #1 show last night, but it is again showing signs that its strongest audiences may well be behind it.

In preliminary ratings figures (based on the scheduled timeslot of 7:30 – 9:30pm) it had 1.71m viewers, the lowest premiere audience across all seven series.

Seven has since adjusted the figures to its actual running time of 7:33 – 9:45pm which bumps the figure to 1.81m, level with Series 6.

Previous premiere figures were: Series 1 (1.92m), 2 (1.89m), 3 (1.98m), 4 (2.19m), 5 (1.83m), 6 (1.813).

The last two series in particular, were markedly down on the glorious highs of Series 3 and 4.

Last night Patti Newton took home the highest score in the contest. It peaked on 2.05m.

Week 39 Ratings.


  1. I don’t understand why Seven do this show twice a year. It’s milking it way too much. Keep it to once a year, hype it up a little more and I’d say people will enjoy it more….

  2. Saw a bit of the show last night – its not about the celebrities, its the fact is a reality program and people get bored with the same thing over and over again.
    Also, its really the only thing to watch on tuesday nights – no, i dont watch this show (other family members do in my home) yet tuesday nights is a ‘nothing of interest on tv’ night, so out comes the dvd movies!!!
    I have no problem with Daryl Somers, like some people, but I grew up with Hey Hey and dont tire of watching him on my tv screen.

  3. iv got to agree….there are no real celebrities this season, and it’s resulted in poor ratings….i think it’s a bit much to expect 2.2-2.3 million ever week, but 1.8 should be the benchmark

    people like that asian comedian guy (4got his name) & Mark Beretta….i mean, come on…they can do beter…at least get sum1 from H&A!

  4. It was the most BORING first night of DWTS ever … I loved this show in previous years but this is just “Dancing With The C-Grade Celebs” ….
    And where are all the hot guys???? The only half hottie is the Racing Driver … even Czaba looks unattractive now after his plastic surgery!
    And will someone PLEASE tell Daryl that the show is NOT about him, and HE is NOT the reason people watch it!

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