Gone: ER

A little surgery to Nine’s schedule will see ER removed from Monday nights – effective immediately.

It will be replaced by CSI.

The long-running drama had only recently returned to programming, but this week only attracted 600,000 viewers.

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  1. Have you all seen it – 8.30pm on Wednesday ER IS BACK!!!!!!!!!! I gave normal TV the flick after the ER debarcle and happened to see it on Foxtel’s TV Guide so I hope it is right. I don’t know if it is the first week back or if they silently snuck it back on (again!) Hopefully they have got the hint and we might actually be able to see this season to the end. GET THE HINT CHANNEL NINE – WE LOVE ER!!

  2. it would be great if someone told me where i could see the rest of e.r. if channel 9 are to scummy to show it, i’ll watch it anywhere else. please let me know. thanks

  3. I have had to watch the epoisodes on u tube….just little bit here and there. I cried when I finally realised there would be no more ER. I hate channel 9. If only they would put it on @ 8.30 Thursday like it always use to be.

  4. Certainly there should be room in Nine’s schedule for ER over some of its more dubious offerings.

    But there is some good stuff around:

    Off the top of my head: Damages, Weeds, Life, Summer Heights High, Rain Shadow.

  5. Honesty between reality tv (not wanting to offend those who might watch Idol etc), CSI and law and Order there is nothing but crap on tv!! Didn’t we all get a laugh when the networks started advertising shows as streamed direct from the US. Did Channel Nine stop to think that most people might have had a gutful of waiting for them to show it when they found sutiable timeslot that didn’t conflict with the ARL or breaks for the holidays – a 5 year old would know why no one was watching,most of us had already downloaded it and watched it when they wanted.

    Well done Channel Nine, nothing worth watching on your network at least you have saved me the trouble of bothering to look at your program guide!!!!

  6. They did do the same thing last year. Pulled ER off in the middle of a series only to reappear some months later in a later timeslot. pathetic! How many different versions of CSI do people need/want to watch for heaven’s sake?
    Letters to the program or station managers get no response. ER is/was the only program I NEVER missed. I’ll catch up on some reading! TV not worth the trouble of plugging in.

  7. I finally phone Channel 9 yesterday about ER. They told me they had aired 5 episodes (yeah sure!!!) and had taken it off because of lack of ratings. The man said they have had thousands of complaints, but still have no plans to put it back on air. He said that “maybe” they’d run it over the summer non ratings period.

    Didn’t they do the same thing last season??? I seem to remember only seeing a couple of episodes and then it disappeared. When they promoted it this year, I thought they might screen last seasons episaodes first so that we knew what was going on, but obviously they didn’t.

  8. Torrents are the term used for downloading (mostly illegal) free files for TV, movies, music etc. They require some free software and fast internet. They work on a share ratio, the more you upload, the more you can download. Google or Wikipedia should be able to provide you more info, as I don’t wish to encourage illegal activity!

  9. Channel Nine is shite. Pulling ER or any other programmmes without any warning demonstrates a high degree of flippancy and amateurism. Maybe you should can some of your staff, hire some professionals who stick by the decisions they make.
    Aussie T.V — 95% shite!

  10. For me also, ER was the only thing that I watched on Nine. Now that it’s ?gone? I can skip it all together. The only problem with that is I’ll miss the one and only ad they’ll play to announce it’s return at 11.30 sunday night (or something equally as ridiculous)and then pull it again for lack of viewers.

  11. Thanks channel nine for forcing me to first work out how to blog and then increase my learning by making me find out what a torrent is.Should not be surprised at your arrogance after all it started with dictating when the NRL grand final should be played to get the biggest viewing audience. Goodbye Eddie and cohorts NEVER AGAIN

  12. I am astonished that ER has been pulled from Channel 9. It’s one of the best TV shows ever produced. The storyline is gripping, the acting is brilliant, the photography fantastic …. I could go on.

    Very disappointed that we won’t be able to watch it on Channel 9.

  13. I have had a gut full of Channel Nine doing this. They did it last year as well, all of a sudden no ER because – oh wait for – Eddie had more important sports shows to worry about I’m sure. Give me a break, I like my sport don’t get me wrong, but up until last year I had only ever missed one episode of ER.
    How can you leave us hanging half way through a season, it just isn’t fair. Mr McGuire and his fellow channel nine criminals have robbed a lot of Australians of a long running favourite. YOU ALL SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Oops, and look at the ratings for CSI … 0.752m. Not much better. I am a little fed up with this cookie-cutter crap. Seen one CSI, seen ’em all. ER was the only decent show on FTA TV.

  15. Along with everyone else, I just want to say how much I hate Channel Nine’s inconsistent programming. ER was the only show I watched on Nine and now I cant watch it. Maybe the reason there werent as many viewers is a complete lack of advertising on their behalf. I missed the first episode back – much to my disgust because I hadnt even seen its return advertised…Channel Nine sucks and I want ER back…preferably on a different free to air station!

  16. I am LIVID. I watched the new season in the UK in January and we had just caught up, of course I watched them all again. I haven’t missed an episode in all the years ER has been running. Please can someone tell me what a torrent site is, I need my ER fix!

  17. Simply fed up. I was all ready to watch ER and have finally worked out they hadn’t mistakenly run tomorrow nights episode of CSI tonight. I had been persisting with Ch 9 (one of the few) but I am about to join the masses and have given up! A good book is at least more reliable. There is simply no point in buying into any of their new series launches in case they end up with the same treatment.

  18. Thanks for the tip on what season we’re up to. We will also join the 600,000 and visit a torrent site.

    ER was the only thing we watched on channel 9 so looks like we wont have to bother at all NOW! (Effective imediately!!)

  19. Yeah – I just posted this to Nine’s TV Guide website – like they’ll care. Arrogant pricks, the lot of them.

    “I am disgusted at the treatment that you hand out to your viewers by changing TV schedules again and again without notice or warning. And once again, of course, it’s ER that seems to have suffered from your fickle hand of fate. So, just when we’re barely able to get going with the plot of ER, presumably one of your advertisers has dictated that CSI gets them more viewers. Your arrogant and cavalier attitude to ER fans in Australia is enough to drive loyal Nine viewers to search for their favourite entertainment elsewhere – at the same time as depriving your advertisers of yet another viewing.”

  20. I’m with you, neon kitten!! Channel 9 is PATHETIC. Put it on in a decent timeslot and you might just get some more viewers. This show has been such a ratings winner in the past that it deserves more respect, and so do its fans.

    I’ll be visiting my favourite torrent site shortly too….

  21. Typical. And they have such little respect for those *six hundred thousand* viewers that they don’t even run the ADVERTISED episode due next week. Advertised at the end of last Monday’s show complete with Australian press quotes shouting acclaim for how good it is.

    Nine, how about just getting rid of The SCam… err I mean The Mint and running REAL programming? Who knows, you might even attract a few non-scam advertisers…

    Right then, off to the torrent sites I go. Ah, here we are, a nice neat torrent containing all 23 season 13 episodes. Sorted. Another show I don’t need pathetic Australian FTA for any longer.

    It’s astonishing how much “crime” I commit these days just to watch television the way I used to.

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