Jetstar Going Places with Nine

Channel Nine’s behind-the-scenes show in conjunction with Jetstar Airlines, Going Places will premiere on Sunday October 7.

The show has had a title-change from the originally announced Jetstar (thank goodness!).

It will screen in the 5pm timeslot.

New series that goes behind the scenes of the airline, Jetstar, as it moves into the highly competitive international market. While being a flight attendant is seen as one of the world’s sexiest jobs, it’s clear the selection process is a tough one.

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  1. This has to be the worst show ever. It was on at 11am on Imparja. There must be a Jetstar logo in every frame. They should put “this is a paid presentation” at the start.

  2. can you please take off the air the jet star advertisement showing the seat tipping back a long way and the leg room between the seats about 12 inches. Its false advertising .
    we have recently traveled on the Darwin Singapore route 3 times. I can assure you our seat tipped back about 2 inches, and the seat in front was so close my husband could not sit straight. it was so bad they ask the lady next to him to shift so he could turn his legs a bit side ways.
    unfortunately its the only airline flying Darwin Singapore, so maybe that why the seats are so cramped.
    please take the advertisement off the TV, its claims and demonstration of leg room and seat tilt is simply not correct.

  3. If you live in regional Oz and are at the mercy of Win TV forget about this, they aren’t showing it. If someone could record it and put it on bit torrent, many of us poor unfortunates who are missing out would be most grateful.

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