Millionaire spin-off coming

It could be a case of “Lock it in again, Eddie” if Eddie McGuire lands the hosting job on 50-50, the new spin-off show from the creators of Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Channel Nine will produce their own version of the show, which has also been sold to Italy, Greece and Japan.

According to Digital Spy,”the show extends the 50-50 ‘lifeline’ from Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? with pairs of contestants making choices between two answers to a question, and deciding whether they agree or disagree with each other on the answer.”

Channel Nine has announced the return of the original game show with McGuire as host for a 7pm weeknight timeslot soon. Temptation is said to be “resting.”

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  1. A gameshow spin-off based on a Millionaire lifeline? Only on Nine :P. I don’t see how the 50-50 spin-off would be any different than the Millionaire specials where two contestants pair up. Seems like a stupid waste of money buying the rights to that sort of show.

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