No OK for A O’K

Andrew O’Keefe has been given the thumbs down for his own variety show by the Seven Network.

Two pilots were filmed of A O’K Tonight but the network has opted not to proceed.

The rejection by Seven executives follows a similar outcome for The Naomi Robson Show earlier this year. Again there was much excitement at the pilot, but O’Keefe who shoots Deal or No Deal, Weekend Sunrise and The Rich List for Seven, has had to cop it sweet.

Variety is doing well on television in a hybrid form on shows like Dancing with the Stars and Australian Idol, but Nine has quietly removed The Nation from its schedule.

Meanwhile, one of the best in the biz, Bert Newton is shuffled to clip shows….



  1. YES!!!!!
    Hi is an ass and does not have the talent for his own variety show. Sick of the site of his face! Bert is the only one who deserves his owm nighttime variety show.

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