Number 4 for Australia’s Next Top Model

Foxtel has announced it is greenlighting a fourth series of Australia’s Next Top Model for 2008.

Jodhi Meares will return as host along with the judging panel of Charlotte Dawson, Alex Perry and Jez Smith, and stylist Jonathan Pease. The show has been a growing hit for Foxtel, as well as proving one of the darlings of the media set. Tantrums on the show have made for good gossip column copy.

It has been so successful that TEN has jumped on the bandwagon airing the American series with host Tyra Banks -but these episodes have already aired on subscription TV long before free to air.

A search for new contestants will start later in the year.

Press Release:

FOXTEL today announced its most successful local production, Australia’s Next Top Model, will return for a fourth series in 2008.

Fashion icon Jodhi Meares will return to host one of the most-talked about shows on Australian television.

Produced by Granada Productions exclusively for FOX8, Australia’s Next Top Model is a reality series that chronicles the transformation of everyday young Australian women into potential supermodels as they are initiated into the high-stress, high-stakes, high-profile world of fashion and modelling. The format is based on supermodel Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Model series which also premieres on FOX8.

The third series of Australia’s Next Top Model (airing March through June this year) became the highest rating general entertainment series ever on local subscription television.

Series three winner Alice Burdeu’s prize package included an eight page editorial shoot for Vogue Australia, however the prestigious magazine was so impressed with the results they elevated her to become the covergirl of the September issue – a first for Vogue and the Top Model franchise.

FOXTEL Executive Director of Television and Marketing Brian Walsh said: “Australia’s Next Top Model is a channel defining program and we are thrilled to commission another series for our viewers. It is the first of many exciting programs for FOXTEL’s 2008 production slate.

“When we first signed Jodhi as the host of series three she brought her own style, glamour and determination to be a mentor to the girls and, in doing so, she absolutely enhanced the hit factor of the series.

“We are also thrilled to be retaining last season’s judging panel of Charlotte Dawson, Alex Perry and Jez Smith, as well as stylist Jonathan Pease who was such an integral part of the success of series three.”

Tigerlily fashion designer and former model Jodhi Meares said: “Working on Australia’s Next Top Model has been a wonderful experience, allowing me to draw on my knowledge of the modelling and fashion industries and become part of a great television entertainment brand.

“I’m so proud of the girls who have learned from the opportunities we gave them via the show and I’m really looking forward to a fresh search for Australia’s Next Top Model.”

The nationwide audition tour to select the finalists for series four of Australia’s Next Top Model will commence later in the year, with principal production slated to commence over summer for a 2008 premiere on FOX8.

For further information on the new series of Australia’s Next Top Model, viewers can visit


  1. hello there, i think my little sister is the most stunning kid on the planet, however she is only 14 years old, but has the face and body of a Victoria Secrect Modle, is the age limit still 16? Could we maybe audition 4 the 2011 show when she is 15 and 7 months…lol???

  2. Hey David, when the dates of the 2010 auditions have the go ahead, are you able to post them on here? let us know, ill be checking this website everyday til i know lol. thanks. xxx

  3. hey my name is Ashley Johnson. im really interested in entering ANTM for 2010.
    I was just wondering, to do so, how would i go about it?
    hope to hear back.

    kind regards

  4. kirby faggoter

    Hi my name is kirby faggotter, i’m from a town called pt augusta; and they don’t have many things to dpo with modeling or getting in the fashion in dustry, and i was woundering how do i talk to get into Australian next top model next year in 2010. thank you.


  5. Hi guyz
    I would love to do some modeling with you, in the near future.I have already completed a one week cource.That included modeling, deportment,etiquette and grooming.I have also modeled at a local bridal expo, where I was dressed as a guest and recieved multiple photographs.
    I’ll be 18 next year and I’m realy looking forward to becoming a pro’ model.
    I would like to do this by going on your show, so could you please send me an application.
    Thank you for your time xxx

  6. Hi David,

    Could you send me an application form for the 2010 Australia’s next top Model so i can apply online to enter this competition?

    Thank you,
    Kind Regards,

    Kristin Connors

  7. To whom it may concern,

    I wanted to enter the ANTM this year but unfortunately the audition dates are over…I am 180cm tall, size 8 with an irresistable olive skin…Are there any chances for late applicants.

    thank you

  8. Kerry I wish I had a dollar for every aggrieved auditionee, whether its ANTM, Idol, BB or even game shows.

    Unfortunately you are at their mercy when you agree to participate in these catcall processes. My experience with auditions is actually that producers WANT to like you and it all goes downhill from there subject to what you do or don’t provide. Hard to believe but mostly true. Producers WANT you to be good, but find that people don’t fight the mix they are after. Nobody’s fault just a fact of life.

    To not even get a fair hearing is totally frustrating, especially given the time waiting. What can you do about it? Not a lot. They’re not under any obligation to abide by any code of practice or obligation. A lot of people wouldn’t have even turned up knowing that its just too demeaning.

    You could try to complain to the Producers and/or Channel but they will probably just look at it as “oh another disappointed stage mother.”

  9. Hi there, I am contacting you because I don’t know how to contact the people involved in ANTM. I would like to know about the audition process. My daughter auditioned in Adelaide for this a couple of weeks ago. After driving for 41/2 hours and waiting for 3, she was given all of 30 secs to audition. They did not read the 20 page registration form that she spent ages filling out. I suspect that by the time they got to her at no. 72 and 21/2 hours since they started, that they already had their girls picked out. I would just like to know if this is true. We had plenty of time to watch what was going on earlier and it appeared that the earlier girls were given much more time. My daughter is 180 cm, blonde, attractive, slim and clear skin. I thought with those qualities she would have at least been given more than 30 secs. A friend of hers has had the call back, less attractive, and has been told to grow eyebrows, stop bleaching her hair and to lose some weight! She was one of the earlier models! I hope you can tell me if my theory is right. Kerry

  10. hi david,
    i was picked as one of the girls that may be picked as the final 12 for season four australias next top model, and i would just like to say thank you for bringing it to australian television. although i may not make it through to the final 12, it was a really great oppertunity
    thankyou again!!!

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