So you think you can Audition?

TEN has announced auditions for the Australian production of So You Think You Can Dance.

They will be held in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane from October 7 – November 4.

Contestants must be aged 18 – 35 and be prepared to ‘krump’, ‘swing’ and ‘samba.’

TEN will announce a host for the show soon.

Press Release:

Network Ten and FremantleMedia Australia kick off auditions for the much-anticipated Australian version of So You Think You Can Dance on 7th October 2007 in Adelaide – the first stop on a five city SYTYCD national tour.

Our judges will be scouring the country for dancers skilled in every genre from the ‘street’ styles of hip hop, to the best of ballroom, salsa, quickstep, jive and more in the hope of unearthing Australia’s favourite dancer.

People who think they can dance can audition at the following locations:
· ADELAIDE – Sunday, October 7 at the Grainger Theatre. 91 Hindley St, Adelaide.
· BRISBANE – Saturday, October 13 and Sunday October 14 at the RNA Showgrounds. Gregory terrace, Bowen Hills.
· PERTH – Sunday, October 21 at Burswood Theatre. Great Eastern Highway, Burswood.
· MELBOURNE – Saturday October 27 and Sunday October 28. Melbourne Olympic Park Function Centre Swan Street (via Entrance D), Melbourne
· SYDNEY – Saturday, November 3 and Sunday November 4. Entertainment Centre. 35 Harbour St, Darling Harbour.

Auditions are open to people aged between 18 and 35 and will commence at 9.00am each day.

Dancers are encouraged to arrive early in their hottest dance gear to start stretching. They need to be prepared to ‘krump’, ‘swing’ and ‘samba’ their way through vigorous dance routines.

Dancers need to bring with them a copy of the dance track that they wish to perform to for the judges.

TEN’s chief programming officer, David Mott, said, “This is the perfect time for TEN to embark on the search for Australia’s favourite dancer.

“After the popularity of the US version we are confident that Australian dancers will descend on the auditions in their thousands.”

“This vibrant format possesses excitement, glamour and style – a perfect addition to what already is a dynamic entertainment line up for TEN.”

FremantleMedia Australia CEO, Mark Fennessy, is excited to be working with the team at TEN on another marquee series, “We really have become specialists in event television and by plugging into the expertise created through brands such as Australian Idol and The Biggest Loser we’ll deliver a unique series beyond all expectations”.

“The senior production team we have in place for So You Think You Can Dance will be the best in the business, with an uncanny ability to engage Australian audiences across all key demographics.”

An announcement will be made shortly regarding the host of So You Think You Can Dance.

For more information about auditions please log onto

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  1. Hi guys,

    I was participating in Melbourne Audition So You Think You Can Dance

    People in Sydney, be ready – when you come to audition, they’ll ask you to sign some paper forms. Please read a fine print. Channel 10 will ask your permission to use your images wherever they want. Do not be surprise to see yourself one day somewhere and somehow, as well as parts of your body. For Channel 10, all material is for free. Also, be ready to be asked to express cheerful emotions and to welcome judges like they were Hollywood stars. SEVERAL TIMES until TV will be satisfied with your face expressions.

    After we signed forms with fine print, the limo with 3 judges arrived and Channel 10 asked us to welcome judges three times in the morning. All were in the row, and it was a long time – volunteer work for TV. In the afternoon, Natalie BAssinghtwaighte was delivering her speech about 20 times because she could not read it properly from the first time. People were asked to cheer up and express emotions all the time. It was annoying. Also, it was about 30 degrees outside, and all dancers were tired of waiting and hot weather.

    In the morning, three announced judges said hello to public and gone.

    The judge was only one guy who is just SIMPLE TV PRODUCER. He could not judge dance because he is not right person to do it. It looks if you can do some gymnastics, for him it looks like cool dance.

    Guys , do Tricks !!!! – it was said to us !!!! Like we were monkey. Gymnastics and dance are different things. If they want gymnastics, they should organize the competition “The best Australian Gymnast”.

    Many another people were sitting in the competition room and enjoying competition together with this producer. Might be, he used his authority to invite his friends to have fun. That’s probably a very nice when somebody is trying to dance in front of you, and you like a God can say Yes or No. Not explaining reasons and not explaining what right do you have to judge. After that, you can discuss details, how awful was that girl, how fat this , and so on. Interesting, isn’t it?

    PEOPLE, ASK THIS PRODUCER WHICH CERTIFICATES / CREDENTIALS HE HAS and why he was appointed to judge dancers. What is the reason to judge? ASK HIM WHEN IN FRONT OF THE JUDJES!!!! ASK JUDGES TO JUDGE YOU !!!! That ‘s your right! They are paid to do this job.

    Also, Ballroom people do not be surprised if you will have hip-hop music for your hot salsa, etc. In Melbourne, no any professional ballroom dancers participated. As well as other style professional dancers participated. Only amateurs. The show is not about dance. It is a reality show which is looking for YOUNG, good-looking, stupid and easy manageable people, who can not ask questions.

    People who are after 30 – do not waste your time. They read the forms with age first, and I saw my age in BIG RED CIRCLE which was something like sign “TOO OLD FOR THIS SHOW”. THey will not even see your dance if you are after 30 or something like that. All people say that I look at 25 maximum but they READ FORMS FIRST. The age is important. They put your age in red circle if it is not young enough.

    THey want crowds of stupid people who believe that Channel 10 is looking for the Best Dancer. They are looking for people who are good material for dance show.

    If you have no brains, not thinking about your career, if you are young and you have hopes that your career will improve after this show – go!

    If you CAN DANCE and think about your career, better find a good contract.

    Also, Please remember that you will not be the Best Australian Dancer. All best are in Ballet Professional Companies! If you win this title, it is fake one! If you go to professionals after that, you will be broken there. Nobody will help you, they just will say – If you are the best, let’s see what you can do. And you will not be able to compete with the dancers who are not participating in this show because they have contracts.

    Also, remember how Nigel L. said about one girl that “she was dancing as a CORPSE’S BRIDE”. (who was the corpse ? Dmitry? What the wonderful help in career for that girl !!! Nygel’s wife probably imagines that she is also like Goddness.

    Natalie BAssinghtwaighte is a good-looking girl but it looks she is too far from Cat Deeley. She is just good looking.

    So, rating probably will drop because of

    – Bad organizations – problem that this producer is allowed to judge. Why he was appointed to judge the first auditions? All other organization will be also crap, probably.

    – NO good dancers. All professionals have ignored this event. I saw only amateurs. ONLY. NO ONE PRO !

    – AMERICAN JUDGE. If she will be always nice and polite, the show will be boring. If she will be like her previous husband, people in Australia will hate her.

    -The host will not be able to compete with Cat Deeley

    TV was very annoying. People came in the morning; people were welcoming judges and working for show. Dancers wanted to concentrate, to have some rehearsals, to talk to each other. The goals of dancers and TV were different. These TV people were doing their show, and dancers were just free material used to create something from nothing.

    So do not be shy – ask the producer why he is only one judge? Who is he ? Ask his Dance credentials. What right to judge does he have?

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