Sponsors pull from TEN show

They say all publicity is good publicity, though few shows have ‘enjoyed’ the pleasure of commercial sponsors pulling their ads from a show.

It’s bound to drive more viewers TEN’s way, but nor is it a move they would necessarily welcome.

Holden and Holeproof have said they will not allow their products to be promoted during episodes of Californication which has been running for just over one week on TEN.

The racy, cable-produced series from Showtime depicted a nun performing fellatio on the lead character played by David Duchovny, and scenes involving sex, marijuana and vomiting on art. The show carries appropriate classification warning in the 9:30pm timeslot. Interestingly, few protests were aimed at Seven for the opening episode of Ugly Betty in which oral-sex was implied in a 7:30pm timeslot (someone popped up from under a desk, clearly having satisfied a principal character).

Protests against TEN’s show (some of which appear as comments on this site) will likely give the show a much-needed boost for its current Aussie launch.

Source: The Australian.


  1. I will be very happy when the show is gone … however … I am constantly traumatised by the interference of the “holier than thou” militant “Christians” dictating to the country what we can and can’t do … they are money grabbing hypocrites determined to diminish our freedom of choice. They must be stopprd!

  2. Did I miss something? Oral sex on Ugly Betty? 😐

    Speaking of which, I think Ugly Betty would be better suited to an 8.30pm timeslot due to some of the content. I couldn’t help but to notice that Seven (rather blatantly) censored some episodes.

  3. It astonishes me that these so-called “Christian” groups are so intent on forcing their views upon everyone else. Whatever happened to the concept of “free will” they hold so dear?

    No wonder I’ve been an atheist since the age of 8.

  4. We’ve officially become the United States, where “family” groups pressure sponsors of “risque” shows in an effort to get the show off the air.

    Come on people, grow up.

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