When is an embargo not an embargo?

In the media game, embargoes are fair enough. Press and publicists often work in tandem to supply each other information in advance so that journos are on the same page.

But what’s the good of complying with them when networks then turn around and break them themselves?

Channel Seven is king of embargoes in TV land. Every week they release programming info with an embargo date. It’s just their policy, and one that TV Tonight duly observes.

So it was somewhat frustrating to see Seven’s own promos for Kath and Kim in metro newspapers when the thing was still under embargo a few weeks back.

Now they’ve done it again with Dancing with the Stars. TV Tonight could have told you the airdate for the new series as early as last Thursday, but officially it’s still under embargo until tomorrow. So why was the airdate given out this morning on Seven’s own Morning Show? Answer: because the left hand doesn’t always know what the right hand is doing.

A gossip item today about David Hobson having an injury and possibly not continuing with the show also included the airdate.

Ultimately it’s not that big a deal, but in the light of the Kath & Kim break it does suggest that all bets may soon be off with obedient media.

For the record the date given was Tuesday September 25. But TV Tonight can’t officially tell you that until tomorrow…

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