60 Minutes interviews dam death mum

60 Minutes will interview Cindy Gambino, the mother of three boys killed when their father drove them into a Victorian dam on Father’s Day.

Peter Overton will talk to the former wife of Robert Farquharson, who was found guilty of murder on three counts. His plea hearing is scheduled for tomorrow.

But Gambino believes her former husband is innocent, and likens what she sees as a miscarriage of justice to the Lindy Chamberlain case.

Gambino has also told her story to Woman’s Day in a story published this week. She declined to comment on whether she had been paid for the press interview.

Woman’s Day is part of the PBL magazine brands.

Press Release:

Just watching the family’s home movies is enough to break your heart. There they are – Jai, Tyler and Bailey, the three little boys. So carefree, so innocent. Now, they’re dead. Murdered by their own father. This is the story of that terrible crime. Why a desperate man drove his car into a dam on Fathers’ Day two years ago and drowned his sons. It’s also the story of a grieving mother, still living her own personal nightmare, unable to accept what happened that night. This Sunday, Cindy Gambino reveals the dreadful truth – how jealousy and revenge destroyed her family.

60 Minutes airs 7:30pm Sunday on Nine.

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