ABC News wins #2

Last night ABC News built on its rising figures to take second place in the News stakes.

Nationally Seven News was first with 1.29m, ABC News had 1.077m and National Nine News had 1.063m viewers.

While it was just a single night’s win, and time slots differ, it was the first time ABC had taken second pole position in a long time.

Seven News won in all metro cities except Sydney, which went to Nine by only 1,000 viewers. Oddly, in Melbourne Seven News beat Nine’s by only 1,000 viewers, which in turn beat the ABC by only a slim 1,000. Recently however, the Melbourne audience has swung behind National Nine News following Seven’s misfired AFL story in which it disclosed personal medical records.

But Nine continues to languish behind in Perth which is a long-term problem for the network. Nationally, now it has the ABC to contend with as well.

Figures break down as follows:

Seven News 1.290m
ABC News 1.077m
Nine News 1.063m

Nine 318,000
Seven 317,000
ABC 271,000

Seven 348,000
Nine 347,000
ABC 346,000

Seven 280,000
Nine 199,000
ABC 188,000

Seven 152,000
Nine 114,000
ABC 106,000

Seven 192,000
ABC 165,000
Nine 85,000

Ratings Week 40


  1. I think Nine must be fed up with Perth constantly bringing them down. When you get such a huge difference between 7 & 9 in Perth unfortunately it affects overall numbers. They should have bought STW 9 and done something to fix things, it’s worse than ever.

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