Airdate: The Librarians

ABC’s newest comedy The Librarians will air from Wednesday October 31.

It will replace Summer Heights High at 9:30pm.

The comedy series is devised, performed and produced by husband wife team Robyn Butler (Thank God You’re Here) and Wayne Hope (Stupid Stupid Man, The Micallef Program).

Butler plays a highly-strung Head Librarian of the Middleton Interactive Learning Centre, and is completely insensitive to the needs of her eclectic group of employees and the public in general.

The 6 part series also features Kim Gyngell, Josh Lawson, Heidi Arena and Bob Franklin.

Immersed in planning for Book Week, O’Brien’s focus is diverted when her ex-best friend and nemesis, Christine Grimwood (Roz Hammond) applies for the Children’s Librarian’s position. While completely unsuitable, Christine desperately needs a responsible job before fronting court on drug trafficking charges. Frances refuses but soon finds herself forced to hire Christine.

Also starring are Bob Franklin, Josh Lawson, Heidi Arena, Nicole Nabout and Kim Gyngell.

Premieres 9:30pm Wednesday October 31 on ABC.


  1. Just saw the trailer on Youtube for Librarians. Awesome comedy cast – all the best names for the last few years. My friend worked on the crew and says it’s brilliant

  2. It’s not mini-series in the way we recognise the term, but its a stand-alone 8 run series.

    In theory it could be renewed but I doubt that’s Lilley’s way. He would likely be looking for a new format.

  3. There looks to be a lot of talent in this show. I hope it gets an audience.

    I believe it may be the first aussie comedy to be filmed and screen in HD?

    I thought it was originally 8 eps?

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