Amazing Race announces Series 12 teams

Here are the new teams in (Series 12) The Amazing Race which debuts in the US on November 4 following the demise of Viva Laughlin.

This season’s teams include :
– Goth hair salon receptionists (that’s them in pink, and yes one is actually male)
– Dating athletes
– Father and daughter Asian Americans
– 2 pretty blonde girls
– African American brother and sister engineers
– Grandson and Grandfather
– Lesbian Ministers.

No word on when Seven will air this series in Australia. It skipped Series 10 in favour of Series 11, the “All-Stars” edition.

One of my favourite interviews is still one I did with host Phil Keoghan, suitably as he was rushing to Tullamarine airport!

More info: Amazing Race official Possible spoilers.


  1. According to 15/11 Herald Sun HIT magazine, Amazing Race will air over ‘summer’……. Hopefully sooner rather than later so it doesn’t ruin results for us Aussies! Put it on at a decent timeslot 7!!!!!

  2. I think this is another one we download, because we can’t trust the networks.

    Please anonymous above, don’t spoil the past season. It’s bad enough we’re so behind, it doesn’t help to tell us who won.

  3. oh i hope seven fast track this. there is no point showing the season they jumped as we know the blondes and the kentucky couple didnt win and saw them too much in the all stars season. Bring on the new season FAST TRACKED.

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