Big Brother crew host new show

The crew from Friday Night Live are returning to a new Friday programme that showcases clips and pranks from the internet.

Friday Night Download will air at 7:30pm from Friday October 26, with Mike Goldman, Bree Amer and Ryan Fitzgerald back in the hosting chairs. The announcement puts to rest some rumours that Fitzgerald was looking to step away from future work with his sidekicks.

Friday Night Live was a successful franchise for TEN, sometimes outrating other Big Brother programming.

Admittedly the idea is not dissimilar to Nine’s short-lived I-Caught though with a local hosting panel.

Jamie at Home and It’s Me or the Dog which currently screen on Friday nights will conclude next week.

Press Release:

Network TEN and Endemol Southern Star today announce they are bringing back Mike Goldman, Bree Amer and Ryan Fitzgerald for a new Friday night series – Friday Night Download!

From Friday October 26 at 7.30pm on TEN, Mike, Bree & Ryan will share with their fans the best of everything that’s wired, weird and on the web! From stupid jokes to hilarious bungles, pranks and parodies – Mike, Bree, Ryan and the FND crew will find the funniest, naughtiest and probably the most disturbing material found on the web and deliver it right to your television screen!

Friday Night Live was a huge runaway success this year with over 1 million viewers every Friday night tuning in to see Mike, Bree & Fitzy host the wacky Friday Night challenges faced by the Big Brother Housemates.

Soon becoming an institution for housemates and fans alike, Friday nights haven’t been the same since! Now with Friday Night Download, Mike, Bree & Fitzy promise to bring laughter, possibly tears and definitely some screeching to every viewer’s Friday night!


  1. Sorry David. Is a cafe on Carlisle St. I overheard a chap speaking about Edinburgh and I know you’ve just been there with your PSB show. So I thought I made a connection. Maybe not you then. Keep up the good work!

  2. Anonymous. I agree totally. But to even refer to him as ‘Fitzy’ is to give this absolute no talent some cred. In a TV world of very dubious ‘talents’ – most ex footballers – this guy has to be almost the bottom of the barrel. His co-hosts are not that much better. I know Mike Goldman as quite a nice chap – it’s just a shame he got into the whole Big Brother thing. (though I wouldn’t mind his pay cheque!)

    ps: to David Knox – love the blog! Many thanks. And you didn’t happen to be having a coffee out the back of ‘Gattaga’ (apologies for the spelling if I’m wrong) a couple of weeks ago?

  3. Now there you go. TV has finally given up even attempting to create anything new and is now using the internet for source material. If anybody needed any more proof that Aus TV is officially devoid of ideas and creativity then this is it. The FND in the press release should be coined ‘Friday Night Drivel’ because with this format and these 3 at the helm that’s exactly what it will be. Heaven help us!

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