Billie Piper to reprise Who role?

Billie Piper is said to be close to signing a deal that will see her reprise her role as Rose Tyler in the 2008 finale of Doctor Who.

A sum of £20,000 is reportedly on offer for her to appear in a 3-part finale.

The News of the World quotes an insider as saying, “We are all very excited that Billie is on course to come back. We’re very close to getting her to sign.”

Piper was a big hit with ardent fans of the show when it was reinvented by writer Russell T. Davies.

Source: Digital Spy.


  1. It was NOT a mistake to let Rose go … the show would have suffered greatly if she stayed and the “relationship” between her and the Doctor continued as it was …
    Martha Jones is far, far better than Rose!

  2. It is unlikely this will happen, as Exec. Producer Russell T Davies has stated numerous times that bringing back Rose was not an option (as it would destroy the emotional farewell she had.)

    While it was a mistake to let Billie Piper go, I think it would be a mistake to move backwards and bring her back.

  3. Not all of us … I am very pleased she has gone!
    Her relationship with the Doctor went too far and the whole storyline became detrimental to the show’s progress. Martha Jones is a far, far better companion. Catherine Tate has a lot to live up to next year!

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