Break for Seven’s Prison series explained

Last week TV Tonight told you that Prison Break’s fasttracking would be paused, replaced with Criminal Minds. In the US, the FOX drama had 2 weeks off air.

I also told you that Las Vegas was finishing up in the Wednesday 8:30pm timeslot.

Now I can tell you that from Wed Nov 7 Criminal Minds will appear regularly at the 8:30pm timeslot. This makes it a twice-weekly drama for Seven.

Prison Break returns to screen on Nov 7.

Meanwhile there is talk of a spin-off series, based in a women’s prison. Under the tentative title Prison Break: Cherry Hill it will feature a new female character introduced into the current season named “Molly.”

It’s a bit like the old Prisoner / Punishment days in Oz!

To read more about the spin-off, including possible spoilers, go here.


  1. channel 7 is putting criminal minds on 2 days a week, when-on the channel 7 website- bones has been ‘returning soon to 7’ for SEVERAL months

    who the hell is running channel 7? a bunch of monkeys!

  2. I love watching Prison Break, but why on earth does Hollywood have to always create a spin-off???
    Just because the original is successful doesnt mean the spin-off will be too.
    I read the link – it might work out or it wont so only time will tell – but the original is always the best!

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