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Catherine Tate Show final 9:30pm Wed 18
Wild at Heart 7:30pm Sat June 21
Wild China final 7:30pm Sun June 22
Little Miss Jocelyn 10:15pm Mon June 23
Bert & Ernie’s Great Adventures 8:35am Wed June 25
Nelson Mandela’s 90th Birthday Concert 10:10pm Sat June 28
Dr Who: Voyage of the Damned 7:30pm Sun June 29
Dr Who (Series) July 6
The Hollowmen 9:30pm Wed July 9

Desperate Housewives final 8:30pm Mon June 15
Grey’s Anatomy 8:30pm Sun June 22
Last Comic Standing 12am Tue June 24
Inside a Perfect Bank Robbery 10:30pm Tue June 12
The Palace final 11:30pm Tue June 24
Private Practice 8:30pm Sun June 29
Lipstick Jungle 9:30pm Sun June 29

David Attenborough: Elephant: Spy in the Herd 7:30pm Mon June 15
The Dead Zone final 12am Tue June 17
Joey final 1:30am Fri June 19
Schapelle Corby: The Hidden Truth 8:30pm Sun June 22
Sea Patrol final 8:30pm Mon June 23

Futurama 7:30pm Thu June 19
How to Look Good Naked final 8pm Mon June 23
Monk 11:30pm Mon June 23 TEN HD
Law & Order: SVU final 8:30pm Thu June 26
Medium final 8:30pm Fri June 27
Mark Loves Sharon 9:30pm Mon July 3
Law & Order: Criminal Intent 8:30pm Thu July 3
Law & Order 9:30pm Thu July 3
Dexter 9:40pm Sun July 6

Spiral 8:30pm Thu June 19
Calling all Aliens 8:30pm Sun June 22
The Passionate Apprentices 8:00pm Wed June 25
The Nest 7:30pm Sat June 28

Note: All dates and times are Melbourne market. Subject to change, please check local guides closer to date.

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  1. mark wakefield

    Help needed for Showtime’s Satisfaction season 2. The theme song for season 2 which is sung at the beginning and end of every show is sung by Kylie Auldist according to the credits at the end of the episode. Anyone know what the song is called I’d like to get a copy

  2. Mayday,mayday…this is Norway calling…Can anyone help me to find out the name of a beautiful song from tv-serie Satisfaction,that song was played at the end of the episode in which Mel and Nick decided to find a house and beginn a new life
    but Nick was attacked,almost dead and could not reach a phone call from Mel..???I was moved to tears when I heard this beautiful song!!!!
    Much love from Norway:-))
    P.S.Satisfaction has just started on norwegian television,we have seen only 4 episodes; music is fantastic!!!!!

  3. firstly i think they should make another season of satisfaction and secondly i can not find the theme song anywhere and i was wondering if anyone has found it yet?

  4. Yeah I heard about that Benno. When NBC axed it last year and the USA network (a cable channel) bought the rights, they decided to replace the old theme song with the theme song L&O used for Trial by Jury (the axed spinoff that only lasted somethin like 14 eps). Come to think of it, chances are that Ten will show it after SVU wraps. Its always pulled consistent ratings for them, it wouldn’t make sense for them to stop showing it.

    On another note, Dave, Battle of the Choirs premieres next Sunday at 7:30pm according to I’m excited to see this, it looks good.

  5. The new season of criminal intent is better than the previous season (except the first episode, and i’ve only seen 6 eps). The music at the beginning of each episode last season just didn’t feel right, and the they tried to make it more like csi (ive only seen like 1 or 2 eps of this and got bored). Why they are holding out with that show is a mystery.

  6. Wow Ten are really going to need some new programming next month with shows like Medium, SVU and Back to You finishing. Or they could just fill it up with repeats again like they’re doing with House and NCIS on twice a week. The Thursday 9:30pm slot or Friday 9:30pm would be excellent for screening the new Pussycat Dolls season. Its only 10 eps, Ten. Come onnnnnnnn. Or maybe they’ll air the new Criminal Intent season. Meh.

    On another note, I’ve seen a handful of Pushing Daisies eps and they’re amazing. Truly the best television I’ve seen since Jericho finished 3 months ago. Its unlike anything else thats ever been created. Truly sublime. The fact that Nine still hasn’t bothered to show this gem (along with Chuck) doesn’t surprise me. They’ve got cop shows and Ramsay to keep them floating.

  7. Any word yet on whether Nine/WIN will air final season McLeod’s Daughters sometime in the next decade? The wait time is getting ridiculous >:(

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