Dannii back to the Bay?

Dannii Minogue may make a re-appearance on Home and Away as part of the soap’s 20th Birthday Celebrations next year.

Minogue appeared as ‘Emma Jackson’ between 1988-1990.

Dannii is currently appearing on the UK’s X Factor and locking horns with judge Sharon Osbourne.

But she is set to return to the judging seat of Australia’s Got Talent, so there may well be influential Seven figures pushing her to agree to an appearance on their iconic soap.

According to Inside Soap: “Dannii knows it was Home and Away that really got her to where she is today, and she wants to help them with their anniversary celebrations next year.”

Source: Digital Spy.


  1. I wonder if Justine Clark will return as Alf’s daughter ( and Martha’s mother)Roo? She’s the only major character from the early days ( that didn’t die or get an international career ) that has never returned. although she dosn’t look old enough to be Martha’s Mum.

  2. Actually, Neighbours had a 20th anniversary episode in which a bunch of people from Ramsay Street watched a montage of old characters in a “Where are they now”esque segment. Gail Robinson, Delta Goodrem, Jesse Spencer, Holly Valance, Kym Valentine and tons of other characters made appearances in the video. There were many people from the earlier years as well.

  3. I have a feeling the Home & Away anniversary is going to sh*t all over the Neighbours one. Hardly anyone from the past rocked up! And the ones that did were only really from the past 10 years. Also, Channel 10 did NOTHING for it.

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