Dexter slices up Oz

Actor Michael C. Hall tonight impressed an avid gathering of Dexter fans at a Melbourne Q+A screening of the hit Showtime series.

Hall, better known as “David” from Six Feet Under, is in Australia for the week to help launch the series, screening here on the new Showcase Channel in December.

Hall was in Melbourne today, visits Sydney tomorrow for the channel launch, attends a Sydney screening then heads to Brisbane for more media engagements before having a few days off.

Hall was very thoughtful and articulate in his fireside chat with Age journo Paul Kalina at the Kino Cinema.

He had lots to say about the challenges of creating a sympathetic character who also spends his time murdering people. He also did not expect to gravitate from one long-running television series directly into another -but the script and character was just too strong.

Based on the novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeffrey Lindsay the show has attracted gushing critical acclaim and his launched into its second season in the US. Hall plays the title character, a police “blood spatter” forensics expert who also makes it his habit to bump off other serial killers. It is at once gory, confronting and light, a curious mix that has seen it win a strong following.

Tonight’s capacity audience questions seemed to indicate many had seen a lot more of the show than the two episodes that were being screened (Ed: not necessarily a great political move given the launch was to encourage everyone to subscribe to Showcase, gang!).

In any event, Dexter looks a ripper.

NB. Please avoid spoilers in all comments.


  1. Damn! I have been so busy running things here at work that I don’t always get to check TV Tonight every day … I REALLY wish you were back on JOY as well!!!

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