Dumped: The Wedge

Technically this is a case of Bumped not Dumped, but the new timeslot for first-run episodes of The Wedge is so inglorious, it’s a moot point.

On October 20th the show will appear at the dead-zone slot of 10:50pm on a Saturday night.

Hardly a vote of confidence for a show that TEN trumpeted as forming part of its 2007 line-up.

Arguably, the only reason the show is even screening is for its local quota points. TEN can still benefit from those if the show screens in prime-time 6pm – midnight. At this rate they just sneak it over the line.

The show will follow a repeat screening of the movie Back to the Future III.


  1. The second season showed great potential and flickers of golden comedy. Why Ten is doing this, I don’t know. If I had a choice I’d choose the second season over the first.

  2. As readers of this blog well know, the work that Jason Gann and Adam Zwar did on Wilfred (SBS) was simply inspired. It was amongst the funniest and freshest new comedy all year (and it deserves a second season, SBS!).

    But I never found The Wedge funny, and was surprised it won a second season at all. Sure there is such a thing as development and letting a comedy find its feet, but with Comedy Inc and Wedge, the sketch genre needs resting. Again. I’m not convinced what Ian McFadyen finds funny is necessarily what the rest of us will laugh at in 2007.

    Channel Ten, option Wilfred!

  3. I think what happened with The Wedge is really really sad. It had such potential. However inside sources sy that the ridiculous amount of producers with no knowledge of comedy in season 2 completely ruined any chance The Wedge had of succeeding as they turned down the really good sketches written by obvious rising talents such as Jason Gann, Adam Zwar and Rebel Wilson, in favour of medocrity and doing things on the cheap.

  4. This show would have to be the most worst and unfunniest shows ever made. Thank god Ten’s making us not watch it. Bloody bring back Pirate Master instead…

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