Foxtel prices up

Foxtel is increasing and varying its packages from December 1.

The basic Get Started package rises from $36.95 to $37.95 a month.

The top shelf Platinum Package is up from $101.95 to $105.95.

Prices for add-on package, My Sport rise from $15.95 to $17.95. My Escape, My Playtime and My World are up to $16.95 while My Movies stays at $15.95.

The complete My Movies pack is separated, allowing subscribers to take the Movie Extras Channels without the Showtime Channels. The cost for both is up from $27.95 to $31.90.

The packages available are more versatile but may involve a small price increase.

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  1. My family currently has Foxtel we are thinking of getting rid of it its so pathetic when we first signed up it was cheep i looked at DirecTV in the US and for their Platinum they pay like $81 for 265 channels we get way less and we are paying more, and the commericials they said theres hardly any commericials and look now theres so many Foxtel you should be ashamed of yourself and there sharks cause My Playtime obviously the kids want that so $16 My sport obviously the Dad or Man wants that and My Escape Mums or Woman mostly want that so thats how they make money. The dogs..

  2. Foxtel magazine,
    Mostly advertising, tiny print for programs in narrow columns jammed to fit in page.
    Magazine 94 pages advertising the rest for one months program
    Change printer as magazine falls apart
    200 pages -3 staples

  3. I have ben a Foxtel subscriber for 7 years and have found the cost has escalated every year. Now I am down to the basic package, which we could do without and 4 movie channels. Generally we find these movies are consistently repeated at prime viewing times in the same month and worse they are on two of of the four channels. Just like your phone service Telstra like to squeeze every last cent out of the public and give nothing in return, the deal they have cut with Optus clearly shows that these two are price fixing and not letting in a competitor. The government should intervene.

  4. I had foxtel more than once as optus, it’s a rip off. I have a American friend and she says that cable tv in Australia is very expensive. My cousin and friends joined SelectTV and it’s cheap. She moved from Optus to SelectTV and saved $60. I had foxtel/optus on/off for 12years and still not changed. I will ever have it again. Foxtel and rest of cable the worst. The onwer of SelectTV is an Aussie and former Foxtel exective who realise that people were overcharged on foxtel so he started his company. I am thinking about getting it, I heard good things about it. Forget Foxtel, they are offer good deals to join but there is a catch and I found out later on.

  5. For those that are interested Optus does re-sell Foxtel through it’s cable network in QLD, NSW and VIC. Optus will sell it slightly cheaper if you bundle Digital TV (Foxtel) with Home/Broadband or mobile. You just have to be in an optus Cabling area.

  6. Prices go up just as the ads keep appearing more and more. Pathetic really….

    If they could justify the costs, what with new channels (other than a movie channel is basically showing what could be shown on current ones), then it would be understandable…. But for new reason other than to get boost up profits, well, that’s just pathetic.

  7. Pricks!
    Are we going to see more channels to compensate?
    Fox Biz channel, Al Jazeera Int. would be nice, and Sentanta on the Sports package would justify the rise.

  8. yet another good reason not to get it!

    I would not consider signing up until there was a system where you chose the channels you want and pay for them, and that woudl be it. At the moment, where there is no real choice, it is pathetic and an outdated model.

  9. Foxtel should be ashamed of themselves to keep putting prices up on packages!!! My family disconnected foxtel for this reason – getting too expensive for constant reruns of the same programs.
    Why should viewers have to pay so much when Foxtel generate their income from advertising????
    When my family first signed up with the bought-out by Foxtel, Galaxy, we got it for the sole reason it was commercial free – now all programs are interrupted with commercials and programs have bits cut out because of this – I know because I taped programs in the past when it was commercial-free and when i see them again today, theyre missing bits.
    Foxtel wont get a client out of me till they either remove their commercials or keep their commercials and reduce the prices and allow people to pick and choose their channels rather than offering packages of programs that half of the channels are not even worth viewing.

  10. This is why I gave up foxtel; they keep raising the price, while the quality of the content gets worse and worse.

    We need more competition to lower prices.

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