Gone: Weeds, Playboy Mansion.

Nine is pulling out its Weeds.

As previously reported Weeds was not to air next Monday night due to Nine’s new Monday programming of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Viva Laughlin and the movie Monster in Law.

That’s fair enough as a one-off event.

But now the network has decided another movie will replace it the week after too.

Girls of the Playboy Mansion follows the same fate.

Nine’s argument, like any network programmer under the spotlight, will doubtless be that the show wasn’t attracting healthy numbers. Television is after all a business.

But Nine also needs to recognise that a small, irate Weeds crowd, added to a small, irate ER crowd, added to a small, irate Survivor crowd starts to build…a worrying trend. Suddenly it wonders why an audience has collectively turned.

Weeds deserved another timeslot, not the axe.

UPDATED: Weeds / Girls of the Playboy Mansion returns Mon Nov 5.

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  1. Channel nine have done it once again! When will they learn!!! Weeds and other shows like ER are what we need on our tv’s!! Why don’t they try replacing one of the LAME CSI spin-offs, with the same repeating story lines over and over again, with an original, intelligent show like Weeds – If they tried advertising it they might get a bigger slice of the raitings pie! We and fans alike can only hope another station picks up this fantaist program – FAST!!

  2. Channel nine has absaloultly no clue. i refuse to belive that shows like viva laughlin pull more viewers than weeds. it is a hit cult show in the u.s and it has the potential to be that here if channel nine actually put it on on a decent hour and a consistent time slot. instead theyd rather keep taking there chances with ridiculous reality shows like dirty jobs and the inane countdowns of 20 to one. how is channel nine even surviving? that was the last thing i actually watched on channel nine and now that its not on im switching it off for good. Currently i think a monkey could run a more succsesful tv channel than channel nine.

  3. Weeds is the best show and now its been axed! nine has really got no idea which programs people watch and don’t watch plus they should advertise when things are coming back on better i missed a couple eposodes because i didn’t know it was back on

    i am very disappointed!!!

  4. Absolutely disappointing Funny intelligent modern classy comedy and drama (Weeds, Six Feet Under) all gone from our screens. Yet they are happy to screen shows with explicit depictions of violent child murders as entertainment (Crime Investigation Australia) Sorry 9 but you’ve just lost a whole gang of viewers Its as if they no longer value real entertainment. They may as well shut up shop and open an online casino istead.

  5. Nine shouldn’t bother buying Showtime and HBO shows from the US, they treat all of them, terribly!! I am glad that nine don’t have the rights for Dexter,that showcase, the new showtime channel which begins in dec has them, otherwise we would see the exact same thing happen to that show also(shown at 10:30pm for a week or 2, then get dumped to midnight or 1am, and then finally get removed from the timeslot, period).

  6. A small item in Melbourne’s Herald-Sun newspaper today said that Channel 9 had said it would probably screen Survivor in December – around the same time it finishes in the U.S.

  7. Where is SURVIVOR: CHINA?
    WHERE IS SURVIVOR: CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Channel nine Bring it now!

  8. oh noooooooooo! I just love weeds and was so pissed of when i heard it wasn’t going to be aired anymore! Does anyone know if another station will pick up the tv series?

  9. Maybe Nine should have an ‘everything must go’ sale, allowing the other networks to show all these programs and Nine to become a top quality (predominantly sports) broadcaster. In the spirit of Kerry… Nine can make Him proud. As long as they don’t bludgeon us with the Eddie stick. Ever. Again.

  10. am I ever gona see the ending of weeds? 😐 channel 9 blows, they did the same with nip/tuck :S its shitty enough they gave weeds that late time slot…

  11. I know that it’s unlikely, being that Nine would rather see it die than let a competitor have some success, but being that Weeds airs as a lead-in to Californication in the US (on Showtime), is there any chance Ten might by it and try to repeat the success?

  12. Well said in the last two paragraphs of that piece, David. That sums up the whole Nine decline – and the worrying similar behaviour towards viewers by Ten – perfectly and concisely.

  13. It goes from bad to worse. How many times have they changed the Monday lineup??? First ER went, where is the Royal Flying Doctor programme, and now Weeds!

    I give up – why would anyone bother watching a network that can’t reliably programme ANYTHING!!

    I’m only there for the last couple of Sopranos eps and I’m outta there!!!!!!! – and what was 11.30 pm about?

  14. You’ve hit the nail on the head David. I would also like to add the Y&R viewers of 30+ years. They didn’t matter at all.

    Viewers can understand business decisions but at the same time we do need to feel that we matter. You wouldn’t treat your worst enemy the way Channel 9 treats its once loyal viewers sometimes.

    It has a cumulative affect. Bit by bit they erode viewer confidence with all the axings, timeslot changes and mid season repeats, until any feelings of loyalty to the Channel as an entity are gone.

    They need to take a serious look at the reasons behind their downward spiral.

  15. Another win for Amazon… add it to my Studio 60 pre-order… oh, might as well pre-order ‘Pushing Daisies’ while I’m at it.. that has no hope!

  16. Another reason for me to hate the 9 Network —
    Their treatment of 6 Feet Under, Nip/Tuck, Weeds…

    Weeds was the ONLY thing on 9 I watched the whole week…

  17. Just one more reason not to watch this pathetic remanent on a network…was the only show on nine left i watched except Damages and of course its “bumped”….next week,who nows!

  18. Absolutely [insert rude word] ridiculous!!! I’ve always hated Channel Nine. So much, and now I hate them even more because the only two shows I watch on that channel are Weeds, which is now being axed, and Damages, which is moving to a later timeslot. RIDICULOUS!! Why don’t we axe Channel Nine?

  19. Channel Nine are ridiculous…I agree a timeslot move would be fine not the axe!!!

    I think Channel Nine has ruined plenty of TV series cult followers: “Nip/Tuck” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm” are a few to mention! Now Weeds! Also they moved “The Sopranos” to 11:30 last night!!! WTF…there is only a few episodes left and they are sliding it further back! NOT HAPPY

  20. Weeds is one of the best shows around; no wonder channel nine is losing its grip, it cares little for its viewers.

    And the networks have the nerve complain when people download tv shows! We can’t rely on the network to help its viewers.

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