Hole in the Wall or hole in their head?

Japanese game show Hole in the Wall is rumoured to have been picked up by the Nine Network for an Australian version.

If this clip is anything to go by, I certainly hope not.

Two teams of three compete against each other to make their bodies fit into a ‘hole in the wall.’ Contestants must strike the correct pose and fit through a hole as it speeds towards them. The losers get pushed into a pool full of water. Man O Man anyone?

Owned by FremantleMedia, CEO Tony Cohen said “It’s not one of our brainier formats, although we do brainy very well. But I’ve yet to show it to a room where people haven’t instantly started laughing.” It has managed to pull in over one million hits via YouTube.

While it isn’t likely to be hailed as a prime time salvation, even as afternoon TV (against Deal?) it looks about as enticing as TEN’s infamous Family Double Dare. Cue that pink custard!

The clip is about 6 mins long. It takes about one to get it.

The idea was also used as a game show round during Friday Night Live in Big Brother, which is arguably about the sum total of its worth. Right?

Sources: Hollywood Reporter. FremantleMedia


  1. I heard rumours that we would see Gladiators next year. Friday night games was similar I guess.

    I’m very interested to see how Power of 10 goes I have to say.

  2. I’d watch just because it is hilarious. Would get old real quick.

    Actually on second thoughts, you get your fix from shows like this by watching the clips on you tube.

  3. These sort of things get old pretty quick, so should mash it up with a bunch of other challanges on the one show- Japan has enough of them after all.

    I watched one earlier this year with parent/young child duos competiting against each other. It was brilliantly fun to watch the teams work their way through courses and puzzles, and it tugged at the heart strings when the little kids got upset that they’d let their parent down.

  4. what the hell are they thinking? the show is only funny because it’s japanese – a whole australian version would just be like a friday night live show (in otherwords, crap)

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