Idol singer furious with judges

Australian Idol’s Tarisai Vushe has blasted judges Dicko and Mark Holden for calling her “fake” after her performance last night.

Tarisai sang The Veronica’s “When It All Falls Apart” for the Australian-Made show, giving more grit than her usual performances. But the two judges didn’t buy it.

“It was not enough real rage,” said Holden. “Brilliantly crafted, brilliantly sung, but still too much fakeness”.

“I hate to put the boot in, but I thought it was fake too. You were like an angry rap star to me … I don’t believe it,” added Dicko.

According to Vushe screamed at the judges backstage, accusing them of sabotaging her chances in the show. Former contestants have also had a bit to say her being less friendly behind the scenes.

At this point it’s probably worth pointing out three facts:

1. This girl is 20 years old.
2. Reality shows are generally about manipulation. Occasionally the contestants can manipulate that back but it usually lays beyond their reach.
3. The “story” wouldn’t have leaked without most of the key players complicit with it. TV shows don’t have publicists without good reason. At the end of the day is this really any different to any other incident over the life of the show? It’s timed to boost the verdict show tonight. That’s about it.

UPDATE: Tarisai was booted from the Verdict episode.



  1. My problem with Tarasai initially was with her constant putrid spiels about God and how it was written she would win the competition through “him”.

    Then she responded to some of the most harsh criticism with simply “thank you”. Now we hear of other contestants discussing her “diva” moments and judges remind us that she acts different off stage.

    I think Kyle has it in one, she’s a nutter but a great singer. Unfortunately it’s not going to do much for her career if she gets booted with this label.

  2. Dicko actually didn’t say she was like an agnry rap star. He actually came up with classic Dicko – he said she was like an “angry Bratz doll” 🙂

  3. Tarasai was very fake in the early stages of the contest … too busy trying to please her Pentecostal Christian bosses and it showed … miss goody two shoes … she has definitely came a long way since then and that is the “fake” that they were referring to …
    Her performance last night was very strong and not at all fake … the judges were wrong to say that … this time!

  4. Yes there has been reference to Diva- like behaviour which I alluded to in the post. I think at the age of 20 in the Idol bubble few people would act with a clear head.

    Either way she’s being judged for on-stage performances / personality.

    I also found it a conflict of interest that a judge also chose to discuss her diva-like behaviour with a former contestant on his own radio show.

  5. I must say as an “older” fan of idol, I was most disappointed in the “constructed” ambush of Tarisai by the judges [apart from Kyle to whom I normally don’t pay much attention]. I do not vote for any of the contestants and whilst everyone is entitled to their opinion of each and every performer – I don’t really have a favourite this year – I think it was clear on Tarisai’s face that she didn’t really understand the “job” that was being done on her. As a long time fan of Marcia Hines from the 70s and beyond, I think her complicit approval of the “hatchet job” on Tarisai saddened me the most. But in the end, each performer needs to understand the nature of the “competition” and must take the good with the bad. Good luck to all of them. David your comments are spot on re: the verdict show. I must admit I have stopped watching them this year and find out the result on the internet news pages.

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