Kath & Kim US kasting

Molly Shannon, from Saturday Night Live has been announced as America’s answer to Jane Turner.

Shannon will play the role of Kath Day-Knight in the US version of the Aussie sitcom.

The sitcom, under development by NBC executive Ben Silverman (Ugly Betty, The Office, The Biggest Loser), has yet to declare its own ‘Kim.’

The show is now being put together by Michelle Nader (Dharma and Greg, King of Queens) after earlier announcing it would be writer Nancy Pimental (‘The Sweetest Thing’). The show has suffered several production delays as producers seek to put together the right creative team, and Silverman has moved up the ladder to a top role at NBC after he had optioned the sitcom.

Turner and Riley remain as Producers on the US version.

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  1. I used to love Shortland Street until it disappeared from free to air …
    I now love that brilliant NZ Comedy “Outrageous Fortune” … have Season 2 on DVD and it is brilliant (Grant Bowler is looking very, very hot!!!)
    Bring it back to our screens now!!!

  2. Whats with the bashing of the current season? I find myself laughing hard through each episode. This season Kath & Kim are back home on Seven where they started on Big Girls Blouse and I think season 4 is one of their best!

  3. I really enjoy watching NZ sitcoms and soaps in prime time here in Australia, given that our cultures and languages are so similar and I find the humour/storylines easy to understand. “Shortland Street” is really successful here! Oh….wait….we don’t have any NZ shows in prime time here, do we…? Maybe the US networks *do* know what they’re doing after all….

  4. For God’s sake of course they’re not going to play an Indonesian show in Australia due to obvious language/cultural differences. There isn’t much to differentiate between US/Australian culture anyway apart from our slightly localized vocabulary and obsession with meat pies and footy. The whole “making fun of US culture” thing has been done time and time again. It’s not like the humour of K&K is so bloody cryptic that nobody in America is going to understand it.

    If we can play UK and US shows on primetime, why can’t the US? Hell, I don’t think they’ve even bothered giving foreign shows a try. We all speak the same language, so what’s the problem? The US TV industry is being greedy (as usual), and is merely trying to turn another country’s success story into its own.

  5. There would be no chance of an aussie show on network primetime…most Americans aren’t aware tht other countries exist, let alone produce good (better) tv

    Molly Shannon is a good sign – she is very funny

  6. tairing an australian sitcom in US primetime coukd be comapred to airing a indonesioan soap in aussie primetime. it will just NEVER happen. the US TV industry is so large that there is zero foreign content on american network television. even cable.

    about 95% of the laughs in k&k are derived from making fun of australian suburban culture – how on earth wuld americans get that?

    the write off the US for not showing the original shows a total lack of understanding how the world of commerce works. in a country like the US – EVERTHING has to be localised.

    true, this show might not make it past pilot (they’ve signed molly for the pilot, not a serioes, NBC might not even pick up the pilot)

  7. to be honest sillyghostly,very few shows appeal to the mass middle US audience if it doesn’t have a US accent..the Aussie slang and Aussie terms and locations would be impossible to understand..
    They are making money while they can and while the show is hot here..The Office does very well in the US and is alot better than the UK version..
    The US version might be funnier..wouldn’t be too hard this season

  8. Shame on Gina Riley and Jane Turner for letting them go through with this. I doubt it would last though.

    I’m not defending the quality of the original or anything, but seriously, what’s so bloody great about US culture that EVERY show on American primetime HAS to be US made? 😐

  9. I bet the US scripts will be alot better than the lame “Kath and Kim” scripts we have had this year.Each episode averages 1 or 2 actual laughs..pathetic really

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