Kelsey Grammer sitcom greenlighted

Kelsey Grammer’s new sitcom Back To You is the latest series to win a full season in the US.

Grammer appears alongside Patricia Heaton as squabbling news co-anchors. Under Exec Producer James Burrows it is a traditional sitcom with a live audience, something of a rarity nowadays. FOX’s approval takes the series run to 24 eps.

It will air in Australia on the TEN Network.

Meanwhile, Samantha Who? has been given another 6 eps from ABC, a good sign it will win a full series. Starring Christina Applegate as a woman with amnesia, it is due to air here on Seven.

Source: Yahoo

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  1. Great news but surprising as I thought it wasn’t doing that well. IMO we need more of the traditional sitcom with the live audience like this and Two & a Half Men. Oh and is that Patty Heaton in the pic? If so she’s sill hot!

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