Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

Australian Idol‘s Marcia Hines yesterday told radio listeners she was considering leaving after the end of this season.

Hines was furious with Mark Holden’s judgement of Ben McKenzie on Sunday night’s show, claiming he was being picked on. “You took up most of my time talking shit,” she directed at Holden.

“I’m leaving (because) I don’t like being in company that don’t like me, Mark,” she told 2UE listeners yesterday.

Marcia, who as we know, is always supportive of the young contestants, may have finally had a point.

But a little controversy never hurt any reality show, right?

McKenzie was evicted from the show last night.

Source: Daily Telegraph


  1. You go Marcia!!!
    The guys usually talk a lot of shit anyway … and I am fed up with them being unfairly negative just to get ratings and justify their continued existance as a judge.

  2. what a lot of old tripe! a reality show that in the middle of a season that is rating significantly lower than most of its previous seasons and wow! suddenly a controversy! who would have thought!!

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