Newsman unhappy at Nine reshuffle

A recent reshuffle at Nine’s Sydney newsroom which has seen Ian Cook installed as Director of News over John Choufiate is creating headaches for Nine.

Choufiate is believed to have quit yesterday.

According to the Daily Telegraph a Nine spokesperson said, “the Network is in discussions with John and those discussions are continuing.” According to industry buzz, “he’s going and not quietly.”

Choufiate is believed to have seconded the same legal team as Mark Llewellyn, former Nine News boss whose affadavit infamously catapulted the word “boned” into the Australian vernacular.

Choufiate is said to be “open to offers.”

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  1. We still love you Dave.

    And he was always going to be a sitting duck following Cook’s appointment.

    I don’t think his removal is a massive issue TBH.

  2. Sorry you didn’t see this item as newsworthy, but the site does publish a mix of news, reviews, scheduling info and more, much of which is not available at one ddicated site.

    Unlike some blogs I also publish comments, including anonymous ones, such as yours. This sometimes results in people having a go without adding an author name. There have even been one or two comments under the name “David” which are not from me, which are clearly identifiable.

    That said, as I run the site free with a lot of input, sometimes there isn’t always the time to write lengthy answers to the amount of questions I receive, many of which are already available in other areas of the blog, with a little more navigation. To interpret these as blunt or short is an assumption. You’ve also overlooked the answers I have given that involve considerable research to obscure questions.

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